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Minolta X500's Pictures


Duck Again
Duck Again (Minolta X500)

Another picture of Heaton Park and only developed later. No explanations are needed here really in that it's a duckling and it's sat down... near a stick... in Heaton Park. Is there any more you need to know. Oh it was taken with the Minolta with the zoom lens. Happy?

0 comments have been left22:31 10 Jun 2007Tags: park duck closeup
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Hampton Lake
Hampton Lake (Minolta X500)

Here's perhaps the best example of an unzoommed picture ending up as a little wide angled. The lake appears vast and almost never ending and there are two reasons for this, the first is that it is vast, the second is that the wide angledness of the lens gets it all in. A compact wouldn't have got as much impact... I don't think... perhaps I'm talking rubbish. I need a lie down I think.

0 comments have been left12:55 3 Feb 2007Tags: hampton lake
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Hampton Court Clouds
Hampton Court Clouds (Minolta X500)

Again with the unzoomed zoom, here we have a different perspective on the hall. The clouds have come out quite well affecting the brightness of the hall of course (for all you photo nuts out there). I do like the way that the statue looks like it's reaching out to those clouds that appear almost touchable or fake as if I've added a backdrop. Again not the best light, but then again I've always found it difficult to take pictures in high contrast lighting at this time of year.

0 comments have been left12:51 3 Feb 2007Tags: clouds hampton statue
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Hampton Court Round Two
Hampton Court Round Two (Minolta X500)

Since it's all a bit slow on the picture front here is a picture I recently got back from my 35mm of Hampton Court. Yes a film camera. I have a Zoom lens with the Minolta which when unzoomed completely is a little wide angled as you might be able to see, gives some impressive panoramic pictures. The light in this one isn't great but it does give an impression of size.

0 comments have been left12:44 3 Feb 2007Tags: hampton hall grass
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Red Leaves
Red Leaves (Minolta X500)

And now for the peas of resistance a picture similar to that which I took a couple of years ago at Drummond Castle in Crief. I don't think the picture ever made it onto Zamyatin thought this one (which looking back on it I do still like, I just would have liked it to be centred better) did. The one that didn’t make it was a picture taken through the canopy of a tree with red leaves like this. It was taken with the Minolta so I was able to zoom and focus better... hmm correction I should say “at all” not “better”.

0 comments have been left13:44 5 Nov 2006Tags: tree leaves red
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What a Load of Bollards
What a Load of Bollards (Minolta X500)

It's a picture I like of the bollards at Portmellon with the sea in. The road runs right up to the sea (or sand depending on the tide) Id does look a little grim but that's probably due to the fact that the sun is low and it's morning so it's not as bright as it could have been.

I do like the photo though, a bit of depth and the pattern the bollards make is nice with the menacing grey cloud to the right.

0 comments have been left11:00 25 Jun 2006Tags: bollards portmellon quay
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Just Down from Charlestown
Just Down from Charlestown (Minolta X500)

This cheaky little number is a picture of a beach that was under construction... well not the bit I was on or taking a pic of, but the rest of it was. After a hard day of being burned I stayed by the rocks and took this little number. I'd no idea it would look as good as I thought it would do because of my constant complaints about the screens on digital cameras. I have complained long and hard but does anyone listen... no. It was a sunny day despite the look of it going dark soon!

0 comments have been left22:17 3 Jun 2006Tags: charlestown beach silhouette
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St Ives
St Ives (Minolta X500)

Just quick picture of St Ives, nothing much to speak of hear other than this is from the Harbour wall. A sunny day in St. Ives though a few days before it had been raining. In fact on the first few days (which were cold) we go sunburnt! How could that have happened.

0 comments have been left22:10 3 Jun 2006Tags: church beach
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I am a Free Man
I am a Free Man (Minolta X500)

Another view of the pool at Portmeirion. A place to go, wquite wierd in some ways, but very pretty.

0 comments have been left17:38 8 Jan 2006Tags: portmeirion pool
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I am not a Number
I am not a Number (Minolta X500)

This is a picture of the main bit or Portmeirion all the houses look down onto this. I'm pretty sure it used to be paved around the pool, though after reading bit about the place it apparently took 70 years to build (the whole place not the pool), and the pool used to be tennis court. I like the pool better.

0 comments have been left17:37 8 Jan 2006Tags: portmeirion pool
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