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Not Very Effective Guard Dogs
Not Very Effective Guard Dogs (Nikon D5000)

I don't think you'll find that stone guard dogs are that effective, something about them being stone, however athletically and from a maintenance point of view they are better than real dogs as far as I am concerned. None of that barkey nonsense with these chaps they just obediently sit there asking for nothing. These can be found at Brodsworth Hall near Doncaster.A loing way to go for a trip out but it looked interesting and we hadn't been there despite my Wife constantly saying that we had.

It's an interesting hall and probably better when the weather is warm and there would have been more to see if we has turned up on Sunday because we would be able to look at the chapel. Still looking at the huge hall set out as it would have been around the First World War is impressive though very cold even inside so if you do go when it's cold, make sure you take a good thick coat and as you can see by the picture it was cold. I think the snow gives it away.

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Travel Brochure Short
Travel Brochure Short (Nikon D5000)

Back to Tunisa today what with a busy few weeks and very little time to take snaps, but this is of the mausoleum in Monastir which is really impressive and definitely somewhere to go, but it's a weird place in that it's all neat and tidy and yet all you need to do is step 100 yards in another direction and it's becomes all messy and for a tourist resort (albeit out of season) it seems a little strange. Then you get to the beach and it becomes touristy in a way but then again not. Add to that we ended up going to lunch a few hundred yards away and it all looked OK when we went in but after ordering it became apparent that we were not in the lap of luxury.

I would say one thing though, the next time you complain about Health and Safety then take a trip to anywhere in Tunisia and you'll be glad to come back to the cushioned warmth of rules. Health and Safety in Tunisia is carrying your baby whilst crossing the motorway as it would be absurd to make them walk themselves.

0 comments have been left21:14 15 Mar 2013Tags: tunisia mausoleum monastir tower
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Take Me Round Dougga
Take Me Round Dougga (Nikon D5000)

Just back from a week in Tunisia. We started out by spoiling ourselves by going to Dougga, which was qute a drive from Hammamet but well worth it. It's a huge Roman settlement that set on the top of a hill and it is just massive. We must have walked around it fro about an hour or two and still we didn't see the whole thing. It's also amazing that they allow people just to roam around it with little of it out of bounds. Of course there is an entrance fee and just like everything in Tunisia, if you take your camera then that will cost you extra but hey it's brilliant and what with us going out of season, it was all deserted.

This is a pic of one of the guides with little to do as there was no-one there except for us and we had decided against a guide. At least here they as you if you want a guide, other places in Tunisia they just latch onto you and before you know it, from just a casual hello you end up having a guide who starts trying to steer you round, of course the catch with all of this is that they will want payment. One of these guys I caught early and paid him to go away 2 Dinar (or De Niros as my Daughter called them) wasn't such a high price to pay as it's only 84p. He seemed happy anyway, and I was happy for him to go away.

0 comments have been left19:19 26 Feb 2013Tags: tunisia dougga roman remains disused
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Gordons Alive
Gordons Alive (Nikon D5000)

Its was Autosport show this weekend at the NEC. It's nice to get out now and then. This time it as more or less the same as last year so it wasn't that exciting, though it was interesting to see the touring car drivers being interviewed about next years cars which of course are pretty dull for anyone reading this hear, even more dull than me trying to explain how the pictures were taken.

As usual there were the Lycra clad women sporting very little else other than their implants which of course was uncomfortable for me accompanied by a Wife and a near to pubescent Daughter, and it seemed worse than last year. This year however there wasn't the joy of seeing David Coulthard and Paul di Resta at dinner, though I was close enough to touch Sir Jackie Stuart.

Anyway back to the pic which is pretty hum drum and a picture of (Flash) Gordon Shedden's touring car.

0 comments have been left21:11 14 Jan 2013Tags: car nec autosport touring shedden
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Getting Stranded
Getting Stranded (Nikon D5000)

Which is a good start because this is the Duke of Lancaster which in itself is stranded on the coast near Mostyn. Of course I have been here before, but a while back I found that it had been painted... well graffitied to be honest and I wanted to see what they looked like. Of course since then I think other people have been busy and a few more have popped up as it hit the BBC news site though what is strange is that all but one of the works are on the other side of the ship which is not accessible to the public, so I can't help feel that the whole trip was a bit of a waste of time.

Feeling a little disappointed but with a few pictures captured (even after my Eye-Fi card decided to play up causing me to scurry around for a backup memory card) we set off back towards the direct path from the road, only to find that the tide had come in which not only flooded the path but made the water level on the path t come up to just below waist height. Now in an emergency this might have still been a viable route but finding a way down the path without falling into the river to the side may have been difficult so it was a detour down the coast in suede boots that were not really sited to yomping across fields. Of course yomping was the least of my worries keeping them on in the inches of mud were, I suddenly had images of the classic episode of the Good Life where Barbara tries to help but in the place of Barbara was me... in suede shoes. It wasn't a good look. It was a less of a good look at the end of the detour.

0 comments have been left19:51 15 Dec 2012Tags: lancaster boat transport disused mostyn derelict graffiti
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Slow Accident Warning
Slow Accident Warning (Nikon D5000)

Another disappointing visit to Jodrell Bank. I know I shouldn't be so upset at them, they have work to do which was quite evident when they were rotating the dish, however as my Wife said, it's a place we go every so often hoping it would be better only to be disappointed again. I'm like that with Blackpool but I think I finally took the hint from my previous visits that it was never a place I would enjoy despite the years of it being fantastic when I was a kid. Either I have changed or Blackpool has and I think it's a little of both.

Anyway is it bigger now but still as uninspired as it was last time. I am sure that when I was a kid you used to be able to control a dish to find the Sun, yes the Sun... how interesting is that... well when you think about it it's not because finding the sun is quite easy, just divert you eyes to the sky, but when you control a blinking dish then yes it's damn fun.

So to the pic. This has to go in the daft signs collection. So you have to proceed SLOWLEY... is that so that you have a slow and interesting crash? Surely it must be carefully. Personally I don't think that heavy vehicles will be travelling that fast so caution and speed would be the best option but SLOWLEY? It's a narrow track too so they'll be small and heavy. If you do have a “crash” would you ring the emergency services and tell them that they should take half an hour because the crash might just be finished by then?

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Rome Skyline
Rome Skyline (Nikon D5000)

It was the Vatican and the Cistine Chappel today since it was closed yesterday. Of course since it was closed yesterday it was twice as busy today which made it hard going. I think the main problem with it is that there is so much hype about it so when you do get to see it after all the effort, queues and crowds, it all appears to be a little bit of a let down. Don't get me wrong the Cistine chappel is impressive but because it was at the end of the tour I sort of wanted to get gone. Mind you a walk along the river at around sunset as the starlings were turning tricks in the sky was much more acceptable. The picture is of a sillohete of the skyline to the left of Peter's Basilica, unfortunately due to the brightnes of the scene the Auto Focus didn't do it's job and IT failed to notice so it is slitly out of focus, still I like it so here it is.

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Peters Basilica
Peters Basilica (Nikon D5000)

It has been a really busy day today. What with yesterday being called off with rain and it mainly being a shoping expedition, the rush w on to see as much as we ciuld so we were of to St Peter's Basilica which was huge and impresive and this is the outside of it. They had quite weird comfessionals that allowed everyone to se the person confessing, which I thought wasn't the point, however we witnesed a service and tried to go to the museum only to find that it was closed today.

Needless to say this this being Rome there was plenty to see and so we headed of fir the Trevi Fountain which was huge. I must admit I don't recall seeing any pictures of it beforehand ans perhaps I am the only peron on the planet in that respect but it was impressive and larger than I had expected, thou I could have done with less people being there, nit there IS surspect there is any time of the day that this is true. Anyway back to the photo. It's of St Peter's Square and the building is the Basilica. I also have lots of bad pictures of the inside too if you're interested.

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Roman Shopping
Roman Shopping (Nikon D5000)

Since it was raining today we headed off for the Euroma 2 which is a shopping Mall. I'm not sure what happened to Euroma 1 unless it was hunted down by the Trafford Centre in a bid to rid the world of copies of itself only for Euroma to regenerate like some bad pheonix. As you can guess I don't like going to Malls but I like them less when it curtails my Rome viewing time for obvious reasons. So we are shopping and I come across Justin Beiber's scent.... I'm sure I could have written that better. Well I assume it's hus perfume but to all intents and purposes it's something more gruesome alltogether. Yes it appears that he is selling the chopped up remains of... his girlfriend in boxes and tubes and all sorts if containers, all there as brazen as you like and the authorities are doing nothing. Why? Probably because they can't belive it either.

0 comments have been left15:38 31 Oct 2012Tags: justin bieber perfume scent shopping girlfriend rome
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The Colloseum
The Colloseum (Nikon D5000)

With found luggage and a new hotel to go to hope sprang eternal. Even the possiblt long drive from Sabaudia to Rome could not dent our spirits. The first drive in took some thing iver four hours as we zig-zagged down mountain passes and missed hudden turns that the Sat Nav quietly let us miss. I still can't see how it took us so long on the way the since it was only suposed to take us two and a half hours. Anyway, an hour into the drive on a different back I noticed that we were very close to where we were supposed to be. Needles to say we completed the route in under one and a half hours, so what happened with the two and a half hours I have no idea. So we stoped, offloaded and headed out the the Colloseum of course, and here we have it. More impressive from the outside than the insideprobably because from the inside it's hars to understand what it would look like with so much of it gone.

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