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San Felice
San Felice (Nikon D5000)

A stop at San Felice Circeo today revealed that there was nothing much there unless you happened to be a surfer dude which none of us were and nithing much shall change I expect as far as surfing is concerned. A quick trip to the beach lead us to get back into the car and drive to the port where these chaps were trying their best to navigate the waves with some sucess but then again a lot of it seemed to be spent bobbing up and down as waves broke to your left, right and after you, so not my idea of a great time. Then to make matters worse the thunder and lightening started and so did the rain. We left the guys surfing or perhaps the correct term is bobbing and headed for a Cafe where we mised the rain as it really hamered itself down. Ince coffees were finished it duely dried up enough for us to walk the 10meters to the car and head for somewhere else equaly shut as its out of season. Still despite its shutness there are always plenty of opportunity for badly blurred pictures. Et Voila.

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Sunday Sabaudia
Sunday Sabaudia (Nikon D5000)

I wish that I had read the review of Sabaudia a month ago before I booked that said that Sabaudia was pretty but boring in winter. I read that this morning. Well it better be pretty otherwise Mussolini who built the town will get a piece of my mind next time I see him. There is always the possability to get out ijn the Hire car if things get a little bleak. It seemed bleak this morning as church was in session with the only give away of life were the hundereds of abandoned Cars litering the square streets of the 30s town, still, lots to be seen yet and lugage to be resucued from Zurich yet as for the Rome leg... who knows.

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Kelham Island
Kelham Island (Nikon D5000)

There were a couple of unfortunate things about Kelham Island. The first is that the Brewery next door that also runs tours didn't get together with this museum and make something really really special. A bit of history and brewing and smelting and it would be cracking. The second problem is that the museum was a little like a collection of stuff. Now don't get me wrong, in their simplest form that is what a museum is but in it's simplest form. This wasn't much more really. Interesting though it was. The last and most important thing is that Kelham Island isn't an Island despite the fact that the blurb on the site says that it's a man made island. Man made it might be but it's a little like a peninularish sort of thing more than an island or perhaps I'm being unkind.

The picture is of a Bessemer Converter which is at the entrance of the museum which converted iron to steel in huge quantities. Needless to say that there are others methods of doing the same thing, but you'll have to visit the museum to find out (what a salesman I am). The day was topped off my a spot of lunch, and as my daughter scanned the menu asked “What's in a bacon and mayonnaise sandwich”. Now I'm not sure whether there would be such a thing on the menu, my daughter has a habit of not reading things properly hence yesterday “tactile screen covers” became “tactical screen covers”, even so I think anyone with a basic grasp of English would understand what could be in a bacon and mayonnaise sandwich. With so many options for annoyance I decided not to answer the question.

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Wooden Pigs
Wooden Pigs (Nikon D5000)

It's back to the carvings collection on a trip out to Tatton Park. After a cycle to Blackpool for the British Heart Foundation last weekend, this weekend was all about relaxation. So off to Tatton we went mainly to go to the farm which as you may know if you read this blog at all then as usual I have come away with a stock photo of a pig. If you don't believe me just type pig into the search box and see what happens... hmm I just did that, ti didn't seem too bad. OK the number of pictures I have isn't the problem, it's the fact that so many people click through from google after a search for pigs, and not just in English either.

Anyway this is a pig picture with a difference in that they pigs are wooden. What's quite interesting is that I also got a nearly identical picture of real pigs, it was uncanny. Anyway I liked the pic with the light and the sky behind (which is the way I planned it) as well as the fact that it's just quite a nice carving.

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Willie the Water... Thing
Willie the Water... Thing (Nikon D5000)

OK I have no idea what this is but I suspect it's something that firemen get water out of and I have called him Willie... OK stop sniggering at the back. Not really a p to date picture really. From the Hungaroring weekend and since then there have been so few photo ops let alone days of rest but there were a few in contention this time what with the amount of things I took pictures of. You nearly got a display of gas masks nears the Fishermans' Basilica (which I can now say I have been to twice... hooray) but that just didn't cut it. What I didn't realise (since the boy on the right was in the bushes making a call) that he was selling his paintings. Despite this he moved out of the way for me to take this. Now I feel bad.

Interestingly enough (well you judge) I was sat in the bar at the hotel occupying a few seats with my Android Tablet as wifi was only available there. Thinking I would not be disturbed a couple decided it was time for a bite to eat and the seats in the group that I was sitting in was the place for them. Don't get me wrong I don't hate people...OK I do but if there is a table with seats round it and I am at one, then I might have guests, in addition they might not like me. Sure I haven't reserved the seats so I'm happy really still tabeting (Ma I made a new word) away. This all goes fine until I receive a new email (which I get a lot). BRRRIIIING. Yeah I forgot I had my tab on LOUD. She physically jumped despite that loud isn't really loud because the tablet is really cheap and five seconds later I get another... they left soon after. I would like at this moment to provide an Inspector Gadget moral. I think I should but I just can't think of what it is.

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Schumies Fans
Schumies Fans (Nikon D5000)

So the race. It was difficult to tell what exactly happened since again we were not anywhere near a tanoy and pit stops do sort of mess the race up as a spectator in the field but it loks like Hamilton lead more or less from the start ignoring its swaps. Still a pretty convincing victory, there was pressure from the Lotus team but he held well. Button's performance was les that convincing. Mind you I say that but IT have yet to see the results because we never got the viewing spot that we reconned yesterday. The problem yesterday was that we side-stepped security and entered the silver viewing area with pauper passes spied a great viewing place and left. So today we got a shock to find we were turned back at the gate. Still a good very hot day at the race and some time tonight I shall find out what actually went on.

Oh the picture of course. Lots of flag waving today so I thought I would snap this picture of some Schumacher fans, if I'm right then they won't be too dissapointed with a fifth I think he got. Like I say all will be revealed when I can get a wifi connection.

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Heres Kimi
Heres Kimi (Nikon D5000)

Right. After this bad weekend I am going to keep it short. It's not been bad... bad, just nothing has worked. The flight, the tablet and then the last entry failed and I had to have a go again. With any luck I shall have more pics to describe the full picture. For now... here's Kimi.

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Norton Priory B Team
Norton Priory B Team (Nikon D5000)

Don't go it was a daft pun, really. Oh damn it you closed the browser down or navigated to youtube to watch a cat play the piano to calm yourself down. If you did come back then you have a treat in store... OK I lied it really doesn't get much better as I'm going to bore you for a little while on focal length.

Yes this is a bee at Norton Priory, a bit of Macro photography where the focal length is down to a couple of millimetres which means that as I stood there trying to take the picture, if I moved back more than a millimetre or so then it was all screwed. Luckily since I'm not really a robot I just moved back and forward until it looked right and snap. I have billions of these damn pictures now. All with bees doing something slightly flipping different.

Of course I came to the end of this run and thought... “The bees keep on flying away”, yeah I don't think it was thought on the scale of Plato or Archimedes or even Homer... unless it's Simpson of course. Well the thought was more than that it was more that I could try and take a shot of a bee in flight. By this time I could sort of guess when they were going to take flight so I waited.... and I waited... and I waited... and my Daughter asked when we were going. Hmmm interesting question. It's a garden with lots of space and other things at no point have I shackled anyone to my ankle, it's not like Sainsburys where if I spend more than a second selecting toilet paper then my Wife and Daughter are off in a flash meaning I then spend the next 10 minutes hunting for them, no it's a garden that to be honest I wouldn't object to walking around on my own and occasionally check for Wife and Daughter... occasionally.

Anyway back to the bees flying. After about 10 minutes of sticking to this bee I decided that I must have chosen the only bee in the place that was having a snooze. This is after I chased if from one flower to another... we walked off and 10 minutes later it was still there. Tired bee.

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Lyme Park Cage
Lyme Park Cage (Nikon D5000)

OK So I haven't posted a picture for a while so here we go for a picture from May when the weather was hot and sunny and the day was great and other than the fun of decorating nothing has happened.

I say that but I did complete the Great Cycle Manchester for the 26 miler which was fun I thought but if you look at the official pictures then it doesn't look like fun... however I was trying hard to keep up. At the end of the day I submitted a time of 1 hour and 22 minutes over 26 miles which I didn't think was bad.

Anyway the cage is an interesting thing. Apparently people lived there despite being on the top of a ridge, but what a place to live. We never got to the top of the cage because it's only open for a few days a year but still it's a bit impressive.

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Hulme Pit
Hulme Pit (Nikon D5000)

It's history weekend this weekend, what with Denton's hisory with mining we had a history trip or walk as you might also know it to see if we would see any of the remains of the many pits in Denton. Of course with no real hope of finding anything it did starts as a walk and the lack of Top Pit which was supposed to be the biggest really did make us think that there was no chance of finding anything at all. In fact it was only when we found Hulme Pit that we realised that we might have seen Top Pit but we just didn't know what we were looking for. It all looked a bit modern... not that I have any idea what to expect. Of course we realised that we were near Hulme Pit when we saw a sign by the side of the Tame pointing us to Hulme Pit, which looked like it had a stand for a placard with explanation but the placard had since gone which was a pity.

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