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Gone Fishing
Gone Fishing (Nikon D5000)

One of the surprising things to see on the way to the hotel on the first day was this bridge. A double deck bridge with traffic, trams and fishermen above and restaurants with pushy waiters touting for business some of whom remember your face fron yesterday when you said you might walk back, now less than 24 hours later one chap thought he could cash in in the half promise. He was disappointed as were the rest of them. Other than a rather uneventful 90 minute boat trip on the Bospherous a trip to the short but sweet spice bazaar was had and a taxi back to Taksim.

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Topkapi Palace At Last
Topkapi Palace At Last (Nikon D5000)

We got there finally and it was open. Another tiring day of exploring the Palace which was not greatly impressive and all looked a little similar all except the museum where the prophet had left bits of himself for tourists to view. The rest of it contained grounds and buildings covered in gold with blue and whitqe mosaic and mother of pearl. Nice when you see one but the third didn't have as much effect.

Then it was off to the great Bazaar which was impressive but not what you would expect perhaps we were expecting Morocco, but then again if we wanted Morocco we should have gone. No spices just phone covers, gold, kebabs and carpets. I have a really good snap of a light seller but that was in portrait and what with the problems I'm having I can't include it, so a pic of the Topkapi Palace will have to do.

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Aya Sofya
Aya Sofya (Nikon D5000)

After a rather abortive attempt to get to the Topkapi Palace. Well the attempg was successful it's just thag the palace is closed on a Tuesday, we headdd for the Aya Sofya. this is quite an impressive building, buit in around 530AD it took 1000 years for any of the local mosques in area to challenge it. For a time it usdd to be the largest enclosed space in the world and thd size of the dome was a huge technical achievement at the time. Now a tourist attraction this is the third church to be built in the site and kmpressive it is too with it's marble floors on the second level.

0 comments have been left14:14 8 May 2012Tags: istanbul turkey mosque aya sofya
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Red Moon Over Istanbul
Red Moon Over Istanbul (Nikon D5000)

With Edirme being the visit today there were not too many photk ops. Despite the three hour drive there and back there wasn't much there. Just a Mosque and someone telling us we were in a bad area. We had a look for a beautiful bridge but gave up anx came home. So today all you have is a pic of the moon over the other side of Istanbul from last night. I tokk loads but I couldn't decide which was best, you don't have that weighty responsibility.

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Where's Zamyatin
Where's Zamyatin (Nikon D5000)

This is an easier game than where's Wally as the flag is a definate clue and sadly the best picture that was the right way up. I thought that I had finally cracked it. I built an image uploader with a rotate feature and bought (was given) an Eye-Fi card so I was totaly mobile with my DSLR, but no. Either I have loaded an earlier verson of the uploader or it broken so pictures of the Blue Mosque and the Cistern will have to wait for another day. Lots of walking was to be had and huge places were seen, one of them having blue tiles. The driving style here is interesting in as much as there isn't one, in facr I have yet to work out anh rules at all. traffic lights are more or less a guide and stopping anywhere is essential even if you have just pushed past someone only just to hit the anchors to stop where you want to. This means that crossing the road is an extreme sport. With any luck tomorrow I shall have a better shot in landscape mode.

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Hartshead Pike
Hartshead Pike (Nikon D5000)

Yep it doesn't get any more exciting that this. Hartshead Pike was the destination this weekend and nothing else happened, what with this being the highlight you can imagine the rest of it wasn't really up to much. Now that's not to say that the obligatory Wikipedia article isn't interesting... well it's not really that interesting either. Quite interesting why it's there an the fact that it used to be a sweet shop but those are the highlight, but beggars can't be choosers and I'm sure the options were B&Q or Hartshead Pike and since I had already swerved a trip to IKEA that weekend I decided that all soft furnishings were to be avoided at all costs.

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The Queen is in Town
The Queen is in Town (Nikon D5000)

Since the Queen was in town yesterday for her Diamond Jubilee, what better to cenlebrate than a picture of... a wooden mouse. Yes its a visit to Chadkirk which has two advantages, the first advantage is that it's an hours walk from Marple so you can have a nice walk to it and back from Marple, the second is that they have a toilet that my Wife can use since she started needing the toilet before we set off. The only bad point is that if you are me and you go into the toilet and have a bit of a fart... this will echo in the chapel. Needless to say I walked back to my Wife and Daughter who were in creases sat in the chapel, I asked why and decided to leave out of embarrassment.

Anyway less about bodily functions and more about the picture. It's of another tree carving for my collection. At the top of the tree is a Woodpecker and at the base of the tree are at lease two of these. I took a picture of one of them thinking that it would be good as it was rather high contrast but it didn't look to good so I'm giving you this one, the one where the sun is directly behind me. See what you think.

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Gloomy Wednesday
Gloomy Wednesday (Nikon D5000)

Blimey two pictures in one day, such lucky people you are.

This chap is from our house and not black and white believe it or not. I went out back for one reason or another and saw the moon was shining as bright as anything and splashing off the tiles on the roof next door and what with the telephone wires I thought it was a good picture... I could be wrong. Despite that by the time I got my camera the cloud started up and I stood there like a plum in my back garden for about five or ten minutes... yes that's the sort of commitment you get at Zamyatin. It was cold too, add that to the commitment stakes.

So there you go a pretty poor picture (because I would like to have got some definition of the moon but then again I don't think it was really possible, so I think I should be glad of what I got. No doubt if I showed this to my Wife I would get the usual that I get when I take a picture... “It's too dark”... you decide.

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Spring Has Sprung
Spring Has Sprung (Nikon D5000)

Finally out of the house, not only has Spring sprung but so am I, sprung from all sorts. Not the best day for pictures and in fact the picture I should have taken should have been in my own back garden but there you go, somehow I decided not to take the shot jst because I couldn't be bothered which is a shame because I think it would have been better because the scene and the light was, so instead when it was nice and grey we all headed out to Fogg Lane Park which is pretty uninspiring for me since I had never been there and there's very little of note there to be honest but my Wife used to go there as a kid and it doesn't really matter how featureless the landscape, if it's there in a memory from years ago then it takes on a whole different meaning.

So here we go, daffodils in Fogg Lane Park, let the joy be unbounded.

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Eagle In Flight
Eagle In Flight (Nikon D5000)

It's been a long time since I took a picture and I think it will be again, but I thought I would grace you with an archive pic from Chester Cathedral. I spent a while taking pictures of this bird and I think this is the best one.

The reason why I took so long is because I wanted to get it right, and I'm not sure I have, I fired off a load of shots to get it right but in the end we have this one. I could see the light coming in from the window in shafts but couldn't capture it as much as I would have liked.

Anyway enjoy the snap

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