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Expecting to Fly
Expecting to Fly (Nikon D5000)

Back at Cotebrook we were looking into a field and saw this flutter by and rest on the grass. I was quite patient and tried to wait for it to turn around and show it's red wings a little better but no so I got lower and grabbed my zoom lens and this is what I got. Well in fact I got loads of pictures and not just of horses and butterflys some of them were pretty good.

After the day I've had just staring at a picture of a butterfly (moths with colour really) might just be the ticket. How about you? Of course anyone who reads this might help my telling me what the butterfly is.

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The Eyes Have It
The Eyes Have It (Nikon D5000)

Oh it's been a long weekend, what with being on 24h support for the week and getting a call every night and spending a great deal of Saturday on the phone or at a computer it's been bad, but we did decide to go out the Werneth Low on Saturday afternoon since the sun was out and it was a wonderful day. We had a picnic and I got a great big kiss from a dog. Minding my own business sat on the grass I was disturbed by a small yapper heading full pelt towards my sensitive bits and it wad going some. At the point at which I thought it was safe to stop I noticed it was still going 100% and before I knew it I had a face full of dog mouth licking my face. Luckily he noticed food and was was off.

Sunday was Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre. Again a glorious day and great for standing about in fields with horses which are as I may have said before, impressive and frightening beasts. In my opinion horses are basically one huge muscle without much brain making them pretty frightening. Definitely the sort of animal able to break your face my accident, a bit like Lennie in the book “Of Mice and Men”. This picture is of one of the horses that looked a little sleepy to be honest but I did get this which you can see I'm in the reflection along with my Wife and Daughter which I didn't really expect when I took it. I did see myself but I didn't think I would be so clear.

I was going to put a picture of a butterfly but was convinced to put this one in as I was told it looked better. I also avoided putting pictures of pigs in as I seem to have a reputation for pig pictures if you ask Google along with a mis-spelling of forest, Venice and Dr. Who, but pigs out strip everything by a long chalk and now by putting the word pig in here I have not helped... damn it.

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Green Man
Green Man (Nikon D5000)

Just a little bit like Wood Face but this one is of a Green Man which is of course a legend with a common theme of life, death and rebirth (yeah I copied the last bit). This is back at Crich Tramway Museum.

So of course this weekend had nothing in store as far as pictures are concerned, nothing more than the Trafford Centre and Mothers Day and neither were photo opportunities. Perhaps next weekend.

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Dr Who Once More
Dr Who Once More (Nikon D5000)

When deciding where to go today I thought about Crich Tram Museum partly because of this. I remembered that they had an old police call box and knew I wanted to complete the set. Yes I know I'm like some sad train spotter just worse. Turning up like some weird nerd at a Tram Museum with my camera bag, not to collect tram numbers but to take a picture of the police call box. My memory of the Tram Museum was favourable of course so I'm really not that bad. If the Museum wasn't up to much then I'd really not have bothered. To be honest the trip allowed me to add to two of my nerdy collections, the first being Dr Who's House and the second being Chainsaw Sculptures.

Anyway the promise this weekend was for good weather and we were slightly let down and it was rather cold and add to that one tram ride on the top deck outside and I was frozen. Even so it was a good day out what with the walk back where the wood sculptures were. Today there was a small display of Robin Reliants which we saw struggling what with the single front wheel and the tram tracks as the left for the day. Still a good day was had by all and I am sure in the future I'll add some more pictures of the day when there's a quiet weekend.

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Exhibit 57: The Lizard, only 300 to go
Exhibit 57: The Lizard, only 300 to go (Nikon D5000)

When it was suggested that we went to Chester Zoo or Blue Planet Aquarium, I was hping that sense would prevail as I seem to remember I hating Chester Zoo, also the weather didn't look too great, however after turning up I realised that it wasn't Chester Zoo I heted I thought it was the Welsh Mountain Zoo... not the place itself I must stress more the way that we seem to have to go round the Zoo as some sore of tick list of all exhibits apparently defying tiredness or boredom. Personally I'm quite happy giving up half way round leaving my poor feet and my will to live intact. It became apparent at 4:30 that this is a tac tic in any zoo.

Luckily today I had my camera so this helped keep my spirits up and allowed me to take my mind off how long we were there and how many exhibits we were missing, however by 5pm as most people were following the exist signs and we were walking against the flow of traffic that once again we still had things to see, after all we wouldn't possibly leave the Zoo without looking at the Black Rhinos which to all intents and purpose look just like normal Rhinos when viewed 100 yards away.

Anyway back to the pic. It's a Lizard of some sort, but what sort I am not sure, please leave a comment if you know. I was too busy taking pictures to read the sign I am afraid then then we were off to the next one.

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Goodnight Andratx
Goodnight Andratx (Nikon D5000)

With a delayed flight and an early rise it's been an eventful day, but I thought that I would add a Nikon picture as they have all been phone pictures so far. I think I got a little busy with all of the controls on the Nikon as I found a few new extra ones that I had not used before which of course confused the situation. Bearing in mind that in semi auto mode there are lots of different settings to make the exposure different I started messing with the processing options. Bearing in mind that a DSLR is a bit like a photo lab as well as a camera I got slightly distracted from taking pictures.

Anyway this is the sunset at Port Andratx. There's nothing more to say really.

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Blurry Squirrel
Blurry Squirrel (Nikon D5000)

With nothing of interest, Zamyatin has been a barren place for the last few weeks and to be honest there has been nothing doing, so I though that I would rectify that by posting a picture. Taken on the same day as the last picture we went to the squirrel park known as Marie Louise Park. Named after the daughter of the patron who gave it to Manchester. However it appers that there are a whole load of squirrels that have taken it as their home. You might think that I am spinning you a yarn but no. I have never seen so many. If you're lucky at home then you might see one or two every so often but I suspect in this park then you'll see loads all of the time and bearing in mind that they don't hibernate then I suspect it's an all the year round thing.

Because of this you would expect a good picture but I am afraid I had two problems. The first is that they move far too quickly and I am far too bad at taking pictures. Add to this that the lens I chose wasn't an auto-focus, otherwise it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel. Anyway I'm not sure where the focus point is as I can't see it so perhaps it's camera shake that's the issue but here you go.

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A Wood Fish Out of Water
A Wood Fish Out of Water (Nikon D5000)

Another busy day driving from one place to another. This time just off the Mersey where there was a bleachworks. In fact I think from the map that was there the bleachworks would have been on top of us. Now a trading estate it's a little different and there are information boards around to explain the transition. I assume the cleaning up of the Mersey is why we have this sculpture to suggest that it's now repopulated with fish.

From here we headed off for more adventure. Off to Marie Louise Gardens. I think we took longer getting there than we did going round it. A small plot absolutely full of squirrels. When I say full I mean really full of these not so timid creatures. Despite this they moved rather too quick to get a really good picture in the light. I did at one point think they were taunting me. I was just getting one into focus that had come right up to me (which was a problem because the focus was far away) and as I was getting the little blighter into focus he sat up as if saying “Here I am” just for me to get him right and then he was suddenly gone and then click... sod it. Even when they were sat in a tree getting annoyed all still I had a hard time with the light and me being rubbish.

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Dr Who is Following Me
Dr Who is Following Me (Nikon D5000)

It's been a busy day. At first we headed off to see the Halo, one of the Panopticons. So far we have seen the Singing Ringing Tree which was months ago and in the same day we attempted to find the Halo but didn't find it. This might have been to do with the low cloud that made the Singing Ringing Tree pointless in that there was no wind and there was no view. So today we headed to find the Halo. This time we were prepared. Multiple searches on Google Maps found the blighter and we put a street name into the GPS which gave me a vague feeling that at least we might get into the area which was right. I must admit that the GPS did dump us in a place that didn't look like the picture on Google Maps but we were at least near enough for me to navigate a way. When we got there the problem was that there was little to see again because of the weather and the fact that despite Haslingden looks pretty(ish) when you're going through it, from the top it looks less so.

So what to do now? I hammered the GPS for a shopping place and it directed me to Bury... thinking that this might not be great I remembered the place I drove past every day when I worked in Blackburn... “Botany Bay”. Turn off the GPS and let's go! Half way there I had a crisis... “is Botany Bay north or south of Bolton?”. GPS back on. Not found. Internet on phone, found postcode, set GPS and away we go again.

Anyway back to the picture. Whilst in the 6 or so floors of Botany Bay we saw this, and I'm starting to worry whether Dr. Who is following me. In this one you can go in and see the whole Dr. Who Tardis expanse, but in this case I think there is some connection to the brick like structure behind... but I'm not sure. Of course I think that Dr. Who had missed a trick here. As yet I'm not sure that he's found a way of stopping the Cybermen totally but here they wait patiently behind a rope. My advice here to the Dr would be to get a rope.

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Merry Christmas from Zamyatin
Merry Christmas from Zamyatin (Nikon D5000)

With all the festivities done (well for me at least) I thought that I would grace Zamyatin with a pic since I have been so lax this month. I must admit I don't see it getting any better so the zero regular viewers will be disappointed. The good news is that since I have no regular viewers then I disappoint no-one.

Anyway back to the pic.

Of course on Christmas day I had my camera out and bearing in mind that I don't put pics of people on the site I chose my present from my Daughter. Not sure why she thought that I might want a stuffed toy? Perhaps next year I'll get her a GPS.

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