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On Reflection
On Reflection (Nisis DV5)

A crane in the centre of Manchester taken from as a reflection from Malmaisonís window, you can see the blinds if you look close. What you can also see is where the brightest bit of the sun is. There was a black spot in the sun on the photo due to the cameras detector getting saturated by the brightness of the sun. This has been edited out.

0 comments have been left18:56 14 Aug 2005Tags: reflections malmaison manchester clouds
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Fake Coins
Fake Coins (Nisis DV5)

Today's game is spot the fake. Which one do you think?

I received both pound coins as a leaving gift and only one of them is a fake. This isnít me being ungrateful at all believe me, itís just since I married someone who deals with money day in day out I now know what a fake pound coin looks like. Iím not good with notes by the way.

For those who need help itís the one on the right. OK it looks just like a battered pound coin, but thatís not it. When you look at it in reasonable light thereís a silvery quality that you canít see in the scan here, however without that it still looks like a fake. I just thought that this would be of interest to people who spend pounds. I suspect from a forging point of view they are easier to pass off after all they are only a pound, but if you mint enough then it amounts a great deal of cash for the counterfeiters.

Lesson over.

0 comments have been left17:00 13 Aug 2005Tags: fake coins
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7 Mile Bridge
7 Mile Bridge (Nisis DV5)

7 Mile Bridge (does what it says on the can really) driving from Key West. This was taken a while ago with the DV 5. The bridge on the left is the old bridge that is now in disrepair.

It's been a slow start of the month for pictures hence an archive photo.

0 comments have been left18:48 5 Aug 2005Tags: bridge florida road
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B of the Bang
B of the Bang (Nisis DV5)

B of the Bang. A particularly bad picture, but a picture none the less. I have been meaning to get one for ages, but from the angle I was in the light was no good and there were too many traffic lights to get a good shot. Like I said I got a shot, and now know that Iíll have to go back to do a proper job.

0 comments have been left19:48 31 Jul 2005Tags: art manchester
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