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Pentax Optio 50's Pictures


Vapour Trail
Vapour Trail (Pentax Optio 50)

This is sort of looking a little like a set with the previous one, except for the fact that this picture was taken at sunset when it was not overcast and the contrast has not been messed with, in fact the only thing that has been done is the the picture has been compressed and scaled for the page as usual because browsers seem very bad a scaling pictures. It is very near where the previous picture was taken however which is the only similarity with the previous. Of course being boring I did have to have a quick look to see what I didn't know about vapour trails and found that there there is a phenomenon called distrails caused by aircraft cutting through cloud and in fact the opposite of vapour trails. Every day is a school day.

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Paint the Whole World with a Rainbow
Paint the Whole World with a Rainbow (Pentax Optio 50)

On a short trip to the park this time not as foggy as the last time and this time I had a full compliment of family with me not just me out testing my camera. In fact we were out trying to look for flowers for my daughter's homework. My wife pointed out the rainbow which initially I didn't believe because it hadn't rained (not that it needs to), then on further inspection there it was.

This picture is a little messed with. The contrast has just been upped which has darkened the trees to a silhouette and brought out the colours in the overcast sky.

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East Lancs Railway
East Lancs Railway (Pentax Optio 50)

On a failed trip in in many so many ways we ended up at East Lancs Railway. It started up less than promising in that the first museum we tried to get to was closed but before that we circled the museum several times after misreading GPS... several times. On finding the museum was closed we followed tourist signs to the railway. Again there was little promise in this trip owing to the fact that I didn't think that a trip was on the cards and no-one were train spotters, however it didn't turn out too bad. Mind you all the best photo ops happened when my camera was in my pocket so all I came home with was this.

The train on the right was a lunch train. All set up for melon or egg mayonnaise making me wish that I could join them just like when my Wife and I were on the Orient Express. After looking at the timetable for these things I found out they did Dinners which sound like something I might be into, but the rush to get to Bury for 7pm might cause a problem from Manchester.

The station did look pretty with it's decorations for the Santa Special which might be an idea for anyone with kids who like Santa or Steam Trains which more or less encompasses most kids I would suspect.

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If the Hat Fits
If the Hat Fits (Pentax Optio 50)

On a trip to Crown Point North I saw this triangular thing that I had never noticed before on the side of Jessops, so my daughter an I took a closer look and found this facade. The plaque says “This pediment was one of three which adorned the front facade of nearby Wilson's Hat Factory in Wilton Street. Built 1872. Demolished 2002.”. It was of course demolished to make way for the Crown Point North shopping centre. Not needing to visit the area around the hat factory at the time I never saw it before it got demolished which is a pity, even the pictures on the Crown Point North history section don't seem to help much.

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Astley Green Colliery
Astley Green Colliery (Pentax Optio 50)

Today was a drive out to Wigan and Astley Green's Colliery. It's a strangely informal place similarly reminiscence of the Railway Age Museum, there's the small museum that explains about coal and mining and a brief history of Astley Green, the pit head pictured here and the machine room which is the most impressive part of the museum. Of course this begs the question as to why I don't have a picture of the engine room and that's simple, this was just a better picture. I also doubt that any picture can do the engine room justice. As big and as impressive as a church (there's a picture part of it on the homepage of Astley Green's Colliery) the engine room contains one gargantuan engine that I suspect would be a sight to see when they finally get it going.

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Pier Eye for the Straight Guy
Pier Eye for the Straight Guy (Pentax Optio 50)

What with the two pier fires in England this year with Brighton Pier and Fleetwood Pier going up in flames, lets hope that this isn't the last picture of Llandudno's Pier you see, however I think not (I know nothing of Brighton's Pier) but Fleetwood's Pier have been abandoned for years and had confirmed a controversial plan to put apartments on it which was disliked by some. At least Llandudno's Pier is well loved, used and still open. The Pier looks to be booming to such an extent that they have raised the rates so businesses such as a local photographer are moving out. Should the worst happen to the Pier before that I would at least like to live to have a pint at the bar at the end of the Pier. Up until now I have yet to be able to have a pint there for one reason or another. I have a picture of Fleetwood Pier but this will have to be scanned in and is more of a depressive closed down Pier shot.

This is of course the Pier with the Grand Hotel in the foreground. You're lucky there were any pictures at all after this weekend's jaunt to the Welsh Riviera. We went to The Greenwood Forest Park where there is an exhibition with a sandstorm machine. I put the camera on top of the machine to try it out... oh yes a sandstorm and it's a little fun and then looked for my camera. Hold on the camera isn't on the top of the machine. With a little thought I started wondering if I imagined putting the camera on top so I patted myself down to check my pockets... no camera. A further look on top of the machine led to the discovery that there was no top of the machine, I had actually dropped my camera into the sandstorm machine. A bit of climbing and looking found the camera wedged next to the blower. Phew.

Other discoveries this weekend (other than the sandstorm machine has no top) were that the GPS on my phone contains a map of England, yes only England if you type in a postcode in Wales you're off the map... I should have brought my real GPS. Also we found out this weekend that Proton Satria's are not slim cars but they can park on a very steep slope at the ski slope even if it does take you several circles of the back roads to find the right one (because the GPS doesn't have it on the map). All in all good weather prevailed and short sleeves were in order for some of it along with sandy little feet.

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Can a Wing Mirror on a Proton Satria Support the Weight of a Baboon
Can a Wing Mirror on a Proton Satria Support the Weight of a Baboon (Pentax Optio 50)

Of course this will now be the top link on Google because of the title of this page should anyone ever search for this and they will with no word of a lie, so to answer the question and pre-empt any disappointment I started on my quest, so it was off to Knowsley Safari Park. I was a little worried about my Proton it's bad week, a late night drive into work turned into a catalogue of disaster involving an engine warning light and a speed camera but with true British spirit we set off on the non-car friendly route through the Safari Park. Initially I wasn't worried but when the commentary explained that moving slowly along was the best way to travel and then I hit a traffic jam I was concerned, there was also the fact that you had to dodge ripped off windscreen wiper on the floor. It all became clear when it transpired that the traffic jam was created by people feeding the Baboons, and the Baboons in turn thanked them by fighting over the food and ripping loose bits off the car, a fair exchange I think. Mind you this wasn't as really stupid as the person in front of me who got out of their car in the first enclosure. Not wishing to witness a man being ripped apart by a Lion which would then probably try out the contents of a Merc thanks to it's now dead owner I overtook after the keeper reminded the chap where he was.

Un-skirmished, our only contact with the primates was when they ran over the car and in this instance answered the question initially proposed. In fact both right and left mirrors acted as bum support for the Baboons with the left one allowing one Baboon to let it all hang out. I'd have probably got a Nikon picture of this apart from the fact that it wasn't playing today so it ended up being dumped in the back of the car.

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Letting Sleeping Pigs Lie
Letting Sleeping Pigs Lie (Pentax Optio 50)

Back in Cholmondeley Castle in the rare breeds section. Here we Gloucester Black Spots having a kip after a hard days snuffling and all this walking and the two pints of Strongbow were making me feel like the same though I'm not sure I'd be comfortable as they were. Shortly after the picture was taken one of them decided that he could be more comfortable getting between two of them and he would have been right if they were happy with this proposal which they were not, at which point squealing started and a rumpus began. The main one in the picture was barely behind the fence with it's little body poking through the wire and you could imagine a short sleepy roll could find it on the wrong side and freedom.

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Temple Garden in Cholmondeley Castle
Temple Garden in Cholmondeley Castle (Pentax Optio 50)

On an aborted trip to Beeston Castle we found a different Beeston Castle, a pub. Don't get me wrong we did get to Beeston Castle but when we got there my Wife decided that we didn't really want to go there because of the weather, so to the pub it was. A sound idea at the time because of hunger but after two pints of Strongbow my mind was either on a third or a good sleep. Neither being an option we went to Cholmondeley Castle which isn't a castle you can walk around but gardens that you can.

The statue is a small statue at the end of a small lake in the Temple Gardens, a neatly laid out garden slightly reminiscent of the Oriental Gardens in Telford with Carp occasionally coming to the surface with a slurping sound to scoop up some food. These gardens aren't named after a company this time and don't have a million things all in one place making it looked cluttered. The sun put in an appearance every so often that helped.

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Apple Jack's Hero Pigs
Apple Jack's Hero Pigs (Pentax Optio 50)

Apple Jacks's Farm was the order of the day today which on the whole is a strange place and not what you expect. With activities like Archery, an air pressure gun that fires tennis balls and a bouncy pillow to jump on it was defiantly not your average farm exhibit, so you wouldn't be surprised to find pig racing here which is what this is. Well it would have been pig racing if the pigs could be bothered. Today it was more a case of a man showing the pigs their lunch and then running off around the circuit twice which did work to some extent however the clever pigs decided that going the opposite way round the track to head their meal off.

I knew a few things about pigs but I never realised that “Pigs bite danger”. Perhaps it's these pigs that bite danger but I can't help feeling that the sign should be longer and say something to the effect of “Pigs bite danger, laugh in the face of adversity and tweak the nose of fear”.

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