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Pentax Optio 50's Pictures


Old and New
Old and New (Pentax Optio 50)

Here a quick picture at the Railway Age Museum at Crewe, we went to the centre of Crewe after this to find that Crewe would only be nice if it wasn't for the fact that it was near Crewe.

Anyway back to the Railway Age Museum. It was an interesting and a little disorganised especially when it appeared to include other forms of transport too and include random pictures of other things than trains. What was interesting was you could climb onto an APT as a passenger and as the driver.

Here's a picture of the Pendolino on it's travels with it's "older relation" the APT strictly going nowhere inside the museum.

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St. Annes Pier
St. Annes Pier (Pentax Optio 50)

After an outing on The One Show we or perhaps it was I decided to go to St. Annes to see the Pier. I suspect it was only me that wanted to see it because we were only there for a matter of minutes before we were gone. It was spurred because as mentioned that on The One Show they were talking about the fate of the Fleetwood Pier that I do have a picture of but is not on Zamyatin.

It's strange that such a small pier in St. Annes can survive whilst being so poor and yet in Fleetwood they are struggling. I hope for St. Annes in the summer months you can go out on deck which you couldn't go on the day we went so as far as I am concerned the pier is only a glorified arcade with what looks like a house as an entrance which is the only interesting bit about it.

I suspect part of the problem is that Fleetwood isn't your usual first thought to go for a holiday (mind you neither is St. Annes but St. Annes may appear in the list over Fleetwood). Apparently they are thinking about putting flats on the pier at Fleetwood and I if they do that then it's a shame but as one guy said on The One Show if the public can still use the pier then so be it. Obviously I'd like the pier to have the same life like Llandudno's pier but if that's not the case then if public access and apartments are the way then that's better than getting rid. However I wonder whether the public will get access.

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Blackpool Tower
Blackpool Tower (Pentax Optio 50)

Says what it does on the tin really. I was going to call it Blackpool Tower Mix but decided to check that I actually had got it right before I named it and found the only reference to Blackpool Tower Mix was me. That's when I realised that I was two things, the first is that I am predictable and the second is I am wrong. The actual phrase I was searching for was Blackpool Tower Suite which was a fantastic World of Twist EP which I still have and must listen to again if I didn't wear it out in the early nineties.

Try as I might I never seem to be able to get a good picture of the tower, but then again mainly when I go to Blackpool pictures are usually far from my mind as I am always stunned by how cheap the place looks. This weekend we were out at the Winter Gardens for a show. Of course I do have a picture of the Winter Gardens too, the only problem being is that again there's no way to get a good pic of that too with it having the same problem as the Tower which is the problem of the proximity of all the other 60's/70's buildings messing the shot up.

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Ossington Court
Ossington Court (Pentax Optio 50)

At last Ossington Court I finally got there and it wasn't as impressive as I first thought, however I think I didn't get in the right position. As soon as I got there I started to look for a good picture and as soon as I did I got the usual “Hey why are you taking pictures” from some kids behind me. I sighed a little inside hoping to get a couple of shots before I had to explain myself in the best I could. After I took a couple the children the oldest being perhaps five or six were right next to me and I'm trying to explain why I was taking pictures which I couldn't explain too much other than saying “because I want to” at which point the children launched into many stories about the block such as yesterday some people who had gained access to the flats had started shouting abuse at them, and the time when one of their Mums had to rescue their cat from the top floor and one about a fire and one about a lady who jumped off the top because people were after her. They seems really nice children, happy to talk to me and to answer my question as to whether the block was going to be demolished, the reply was that it was going to be demolished because “the council was really mad at the place” which prompted another one to ask “Are you the council?” I knew though whatever I answered I would be right even if I worked for the council, I definitely wasn't the whole council, but this wasn't the time to be pedantic to these polite kids. I said no because I am in no way part of the council at which one of them said “I told you” to the other one. Fearing that whilst the kids were quite polite I really didn't want to be hanging around too much, whilst I'm no danger to anyone (apart from myself on occasions) I'm not really sure that's what any one of the parents might be thinking seeing their kids talking to a strange man with a camera, so said I had to go and said bye and got very polite bye back.

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Gateway Metrolink Station
Gateway Metrolink Station (Pentax Optio 50)

This particular place was found by accident. Today the aim was to get out of the house to attempt to avoid the immense building work going on in the house. The attempt today was to find a red plaque on Bank Street which is where Manchester United old ground was. After four drive pasts I decided that the security camera outside the Police Station would definitely have clocked me so decided to abort the trip and have a quick drive out. After about 10-15 minutes I came to Oldham Rd and saw this strange structure which is Gateway Metrolink Station. Not in use and probably never to be used it's set in rather sparse place right next to a rather new and clinical set of office blocks called Central Park which has a nice sign that gives it a vibrant feel, however the it's one of those places that has so few pedestrians and road traffic that it almost feels threatening. What's weird is that right next to the Metrolink line there is a railway line which makes you wonder what the Metrolink line would have actually be used for. I suspect the train line is for people who want to get to their destination now whereas the Metrolink will be for those who want to get to their destination at some point... this week.

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Riverdance on Sea
Riverdance on Sea (Pentax Optio 50)

I finally worked out how to get the exposure setting on the Pentax otherwise this picture would have come up all wrong, it was quite a bright sky which was making it difficult to get good pictures. As you can see the Riverdance is now well and truly on it's side which it wasn't initially, so it does make you wonder how they plan to re-float it, it being on it's side and it being so far up the beach as I can imagine that it will need a few feet of water to get going. As you can see on this one there's the Blackpool tower in the background.

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Wyre in the Blood
Wyre in the Blood (Pentax Optio 50)

Sorry I couldn't help myself with the pun but I had to use it because every time saw a council notice I kept on thinking of the ITV drama that I never watch, so because it never left my mind I just had to make you endure the bad pun. Of course you cannot go the Blackpool and not make a trip to Cleveleys to pay a visit to the Riverdance and add to my collection of broken ships as started with the Duke of Lancaster. This particular one is strange because it does seem to attract quite a few visiters and there's really nothing much to see. I can of course imagine billions of similar pictures on the web owing to the number of people taking pictures. This is a picture of the bottom of the stricken vessel from the other side of the cordon.

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Blackpool Climb
Blackpool Climb (Pentax Optio 50)

As you can see this weekend saw a trip to Blackpool and on the way into Blackpool are two climbing walls, this being one, and this one also has a climber on it to prove that it is a climbing wall and I'm not just leading you down the garden path. Nothing much to say about this other than it's defiantly not the usual thing you see, climbing walls telling you where you are.

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Cathedral Front View
Cathedral Front View (Pentax Optio 50)

I did take a picture this weekend but decided it really wasn't that good. Not that the intention was great photography. We had a few minutes to spare and lots of food from M&S but nowhere nice to nosh it. Without any idea of a decent place we decided on Alderley Edge and we sat like I have seen a few people in our car eating. I have often wondered why people do this because the view from where you park your car is rubbish. So I took a picture of the fantastic view which amounts to my steering wheel and a hedge. Even if the hedge were not there is nothing to see but a field after that. Munching over we left for my brother's house.

This picture is a picture of the front of Liverpool Cathedral. I wasn't too fond of it at the time, but it's better than a picture of a hedge in Alderley Edge.

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Statue of Abraham
Statue of Abraham (Pentax Optio 50)

It was Liverpool today after such a long break from taking pictures. It has three or four weeks since I took a picture to I was definite that even if there was nothing to take a picture of then I would take a picture anyway. The weather was miserable so it looked like a good day for bad pictures and that was sort of true until this one. We initially went to Liverpool to see if my car battery was dead so that we could ring up the AA and wait for them to come all the time suspecting that the actual reason the car wouldn't start was because the starter motor was dead so we might need a flat bed truck to get us home. The plan would only work if we left the car for a period of time so we embarked on a shopping trip and then visited the Roman Catholic Cathedral. I must admit the building wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be but perhaps I built it up in my mind and the day was overcast so no sun came in to light up the place. The most impressive thing I saw was this statue of Abraham. It's an impressive statue which I think is cast in bronze, but it please don't quote me on this. After talking to a Cannon (I think) he seemed to suggest that some people actually hat the state because he looks menacing... hmmm so we have to have nice fluffy statues in churches now to please people? I like it. Apparently some people had even told him that they hate the Cathedral, in which case then they can leave the front doors and keep walking in about 15-20 minutes they will meet a Cathedral that will be more to their taste. I must admit parts of it do look a little like school on close up but I do like it, as for the fact that the car park is underneath the Cathedral it just seems the ideal church of the future where space is limited and it was built in the 60s. It's just a pity we missed the organ being played which on just finished as we entered the front doors.

All in all though we did escape Liverpool with the help from a very nice man from the AA. Now I have the task of finding a battery for the car my own fault, I thought it was dyeing a week ago and did... nothing.

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