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QTEK 9100's Pictures


Tatton Park Trees
Tatton Park Trees (QTEK 9100)

I'm not too chuffed that there's not been too much chance to test the picture quality of the QTEK9100. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a test drive site, but there has been too few times to take pictures. It's not from lack of opportunity in some ways. Stuck in traffic I noticed in Ashton the "Electric Car Depot" embossed in a building, though the opportunity wasn't really there... I was stuck in traffic and no time to get the camera ready, so here is one of the tests.

I did try and take pictures of the Deer and they were over exposed so you couldn't see them. Messing with the contrast helped nothing.

I did try and take a picture of a small 1cm frog that seemed a million miles from home in Tatton (not for me but for him) but this came out badly either from the camera being poor or the fact the frog was too near the camera. Either way you will have to suffice with this... sorry.

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Sleepy Cat
Sleepy Cat (QTEK 9100)

Not an important picture but it's sort of interesting. For the first time, this photoblog can be 100% mobile. Taken with my new device the QTEC 9100 I can (if it works) allows me to take pictures from the QTEK and then add a blog or photoblog entry from the QTEK. This is an important turning point for Zamyatin, it means that there may be more rubbish pictures with badly typed text. So I don't repeat myself I shall add stuff to the Equipment section to say how I find the QTEK. Lazy me means that this may take time.

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Chorlton Lodge
Chorlton Lodge (QTEK 9100)

After visiting a few parks in Manchester (Philips Park is another) it appears there are many apparently either unclaimed or unwanted buildings within parks that look like they have once been lived in. This is just one in Alexandra Park. I'm not sure the picture does it justice but it looks quite a nice little (or perhaps not so little) building, however I'm not sure how safe the place would feel after dark with a few kid hanging around with a taste for strong cider in their mouths.

0 comments have been left16:31 29 Aug 2006Tags: lodge chorlton park
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The Train Terminates Here
The Train Terminates Here (QTEK 9100)

This picture (which is not clear) is of a viaduct, not a great picture I must admit. Whilst in Philips Park, we noticed this. Not knowing what it transported I had a look and it appears it transports nothing anymore, however it does seem to be home of trees (don't take my word for it I didn't actually confirm this, it just looks that way when you get right up to it). The viaduct stops at the road on the right just near the tree, cut off to make way for some building nearby. I can only assume that it would be for trains, but I thought it was interesting and thatís why there's a picture here.

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Philips Park
Philips Park (QTEK 9100)

Just across from the (Manchester) City ground is Philips Park. I must admit I have never been there -until now- and never knew it existed, but I have been educated. It's a really nice park and here is a pic of the peace garden. The kidsí playgrounds are pretty special too. Not only do they have things that seem quite imaginative, but also they still work. There is a grid of squares that you bounce on them they make different bell sounds, also they have what look to be railway sleepers that make fluteish sound when you rock them, they also have and a really different take on a seesaw that has a bit of a roundabout in it. Whilst this is off the subject of the picture, but because I have a daughter I have seen quite a few playgrounds and in each one people have put quite a bit of time and effort into making them different, however so many of them have things in them that are imaginative but broken. Heaton Park's Archimedes screw is just one, I could name many.

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Gorton Festival
Gorton Festival (QTEK 9100)

On a routine shopping trip... well not that routine, we were going to Asda instead of Sainsburys (not my choosing) and on the way down we spotted some bunting on a fence near the park. Not wishing to miss out on anything we stopped for a look and found Gorton Festival.

I must admit it was the strangest thing ever. Perhaps the problem was that despite the warm hot and sunny weather we've been having, Friday, Saturday and Sunday turned a little grim and rainy. There was a huge empty field with a tent (the one pictured) hammering music out to the few, 100 odd yards away was the fast food with kiddies bouncy castles (doing better trade than this attraction) and then a few stalls hugging the edge of the field like wallflowers. It was all rather empty which is a shame

The picture here is of the choir packing up. I'd have got a picture of them singing but I wasn't fast enough. As you can see it was a packed jeering mob requiring containment by the guy on the left in white and orange.

By far though I think the best entertainment came from three lads (in front of centre stage not pictured) who started showing their football skills whilst not spilling a drop of their Stella cans. I however showed my lack of football prowess and proved to myself that I just don't learn. The football was miss kicked into the kids playground. I attempted a well-placed pass over the fence, only to be dummied by the fence. I wouldn't mind but as I went to kick it a little voice in my head said "Pick it up, you know what's going to happen", however undeterred I ignored that thought and found the ball coming straight back to me. This was very similar to the last time that I thought -for a moment- that I was David Beckham.

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Stone Wall
Stone Wall (QTEK 9100)

I liked this picture when I took it, however it never came out as I had imagined. The problem wasn't the DV5, I think it was more the fact that in my mind's eye it was a better picture. By the way we were at Lyme Park today, and this wall is just up the hill from the hall.

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Burning Window
Burning Window (QTEK 9100)

This is one of the stained glass windows in Manchester Cathedral, I don't know what it is all about, as I found no description, but I'm guessing it's either supposed to represent fire or blood or both as I think it was this section that was bombed in the war in addition to which it is the chapel for the Manchester Regiment.

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Deep Dish
Deep Dish (QTEK 9100)

A view Jodrell Bank's Lovell Telescope. I quite like the shot, however the visit was less impressive than this rather average picture. Since the whole places seems to be under construction at the moment, the tour consists of a shop, a cafe and a small room that's more or less the waiting room to go into the 3D Cinema tour which has a few exhibits in it. Itís a long way to go for just that. It was raining too... I knew we should have gone to the sweet factory for a tour, that would have been better I'm sure.

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Eamonn O'Neill
Eamonn O'Neill (QTEK 9100)

A bad snap of Eamonn O'Neill me in the town hall and maxed out digital zoom on the DV5. He was there talking to people about the Irish market in the square which was only slightly different from the European markets a few months ago. We skilfully evaded his microphone before talking this shot.

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