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Skipton Reflection
Skipton Reflection (QTEK 9100)

Similar to a picture taken in Florence this is a picture of the sun in a window of Skipton castle. This time I had to wait less time. From what I remember of the Florence picture I camped out there with my girlfriend waiting for the sun to come back out from behind the clouds. Also this time I had my QTEK and not a decent camera to counteract any underexposure that could be caused by the sun being directed straight into the camera.

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John Rylands Library
John Rylands Library (QTEK 9100)

At the start of this weekend I didn't hold out any hope for pictures of any kind. Down at the thought that this might be the third week of no pictures or at least the idea of trawling though the bad bunch of photos I have saved to find some archive pictures, I went shopping. After a spin around the shops we passed John Rylands Library which I have visited recently and I reckon it definitely worth a visit.

It's interesting to find that it was built by his wife after his death, and it's also interesting to find that there used to be a Rylands shop and factory premises in the shops surrounding Piccadilly gardens. If you want to know more, it's probably best to ignore my half accurate prattle and read the Wikipedia entry. Failing that get it from the horses mouth as it were and pop along to this great church-like library.

As I was trying to take this picture a bus stopped at the bus stop in front of me, and just like the picture of the Hellfire Club someone on the bus decided to get in on the action and a knobhead at the back of the bus decided the best course of action was to wave. I'm never really sure why people do this. I wonder if his thought process was a little like this "Ah that looks like a great shot of the Rylands Library, the only think that would make the shot better would be me in the corner of the picture waving like a dick".

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Hazel Grove Cross
Hazel Grove Cross (QTEK 9100)

It's been a busy weekend and half way through I thought. This will be a great post for Zamyatin, I had so many stories to tell but never noted anything down, but hey. I think you'd have been surprised by an interesting post.

The start of the weekend was all about a broken computer. Semi fixed we headed out to Hazel Grove of all places. I was happy to do this as I needed a break from trying to do a system re-shag. It was an uneventful visit, with charity shops and pound shops aplenty punctuated with a visit to a pet shop and then the peas of resistance which was a proper chippy. Once in we parked ourselves we were served up a rather average meal. Despite that I loved it. It's been ages since I've been to a sit down meal in a chippy, despite chips being under done, the sausage being pink in the middle, they had no bread so I had a barm and the pot of tea turned out to be a cup. Despite it all, it was fantastic.

Back to the picture. Just down from the Civic Hall there is a small park which seems to be dedicated to people who died in World War II. This is the Memorial in the middle which has this impressive (I think that's the word) grass cross on the floor. It's a strange place but quite nice. Just as we walked round the cross in the pic someone sat smoking roll-ups decided to start playing a clip of a cheap high energy classic from the early 90's. It was a strange situation believe you me.

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Black Country Museum
Black Country Museum (QTEK 9100)

Today's outing was a triumph over traffic. I personally thought that I would get a lie-in but found that my prize for a long week at work was a drive down to the Black Country Museum which should have taken about an hour but with the V Festival on the way, it took nearer to three. As you can imagine with the great weather and the car park which was the M6, I arrived in a wonderful mood.

The Museum seems pretty good. They have rebuilt a street that recreates a street as it would have looked like around the turn of the century. With fully functioning shops and a pub it was quite interesting and with people acting as characters from the time made it quite amusing. Never went to the pub, I don't think they would serve my usual tipple, but the chips fried in beef dripping were pretty good, and going down the mine was really interesting and (unsurprisingly) very dark.

On the way back we did see Duncan, a van owned by Igloo named after Duncan Bannatyne after he and Richard Farley invested in the company on Dragon's den. We didn't see the van called Richard though.

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Clouds (QTEK 9100)

Just like when Channel 4 couldn't find anything interesting to put on their channel they put on "Art of Landscape" I have a similar solution with archive photos of Llandudno... well let's face it, it could be anywhere.

After Ireland nothing really has happened so I must apologise, not that anyone reads this. This weekend promises less than the last one for you because I think I may be busy.

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Oldcastle Cross
Oldcastle Cross (QTEK 9100)

The next in the series of crosses is the Oldcastle in the centre of... Oldcastle. Forget Dunsop Hill and Mevagissey here is the cross of Oldcastle, taken during lunch at the 'Hotel' the cross sports a yellow cabin which is the festival office for the joys to come next week in Oldcastle.

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View from the Bridge
View from the Bridge (QTEK 9100)

As usual, the view looked better in real life from the Trinity Bridge in Manchester. What's strange is after the amount of time the bridge has been in Manchester, I have never been on it. From here you can see the Cathedral and to the left (which you cannot see) the wholly unimpressive structure of the Lowry hotel. As we walked across into Salford and back to Manchester we discovered the Sacred Trinity Church which I have never seen before but is a strangely nice sight to see in the midst of all the buildings. On the way out we did spot a few smokers inspecting the newly installed outside ashtray put up outside the Rover Returns pub (I think, some of the letters were missing) in the light of the new smoking ban.

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Imperial War Museum Again
Imperial War Museum Again (QTEK 9100)

This weekend we went to the the Lowry but from across from the Lowry you can get a great picture of the Imperial War Museum. It's not a bad shot, but then again there were so many shots I could have got with a better camera of the War Museum and the Lowry. I didn't have much time to look around the outside of the Lowry but I did spy one shot I could have got if I'd have had a zoom lens which of course wouldn't have fitted onto the QTEK and I may as well forget the digital zoom because all that does is kill the picture quality. Why did I not bring the camera bag.

On a different note I have started to take my waterproof camera on every bike trip. A strange thing to do you might think, but one one day back from work I saw a couple of kids running around a jet of water springing from ground in Ardwick on my way home. If I'd have had a camera I'd have been able to take a shot, but I didn't used to take a camera because it rains every so often when I ride to work. Problems solved, waterproof camera in my rucksack, that should insure that nothing interesting ever happens on my trips in and out of work.

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Dunblane Cathedral
Dunblane Cathedral (QTEK 9100)

In a quick trip out from the main event which was Crieff we just kept on driving. First to Braco and then onward to Dunblane where we had a look at the Cathedral. There were quite a few pictures I could have included today but this one stood out. In a small room on a corner of the Cathedral is this. I have a few 35mm shots that I would be interested in seeing, though this will all take time but they should be better I hope. I took many shots with the QTEK but the basic shot of the detail of the window and no fancy stuff looked the best, though I'm that won't be the case of the film versions which I have yet to see.

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The Dukes of Dundee
The Dukes of Dundee (QTEK 9100)

This chap thought it was good to paint his car like this... he was wrong. Not only is it a little childish but it's not even a similar looking car, it's an ordinary hatch so it looks really sad, and it's got a sunroof, do you really think Luke Duke and and Juke Duke and Daisy would have a sunroof, hell no. Also the car itself is so insignificant I can't remember what it is. Mind you I can't remember the name of the car in the Dukes of Hazard, it's a Challenger or something, or perhaps that's in Vanishing Point or Starskey and Hutch. If it was a Challenger or something large and American then you could get away with it but this? No.

This specimen was found at the Dundee Observatory a good but small attraction in Dundee. If you were a real fan of telescopes then go there, they have quite a few and the dome is paper mache, a strange choice of materials, but it's one of two in the world. The only other Observatory to be made of totally unsuitable materials is in Toronto, perhaps they were copying. All other Observatory domes are quite rightly made of cheese. I didn't find why they had uses a Cheddar free material which I thought they might explain, perhaps I missed it.

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