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QTEK 9100's Pictures


Falkirk Wheel at the Top
Falkirk Wheel at the Top (QTEK 9100)

Finally the top of the Falkirk Wheel you can just about see a boat in the distance which is just about to descend to the bottom. I have some video of the whole process though I shall spare you all 7 minutes of it you will just have to put up with the three pictures that I have. I have more but I shall spare you.

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Falkirk Wheel Half Way Up
Falkirk Wheel Half Way Up (QTEK 9100)

Of course I couldn't possibly go to the Falkirk wheel without getting a picture of the wheel in action and here it is half way up balancing two boats as one goes up and one goes down. Pretty impressive especially from this distance you can hear all the squeaks and clangs which are a little disturbing.

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Falkirk Wheel at Rest
Falkirk Wheel at Rest (QTEK 9100)

And today in this action packed holiday we all trekked to the Falkirk wheel. A device finished in 2002 to move barges from one canal to another without the need for locks. In one go one boat can be moved from the bottom to the top and one boat can be moved from the top to the bottom. This is a picture of the device (wheel) at rest.

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Memorial from Afar
Memorial from Afar (QTEK 9100)

Another picture of the Culloden Memorial from afar. It sort of gives a an idea of the size of the battlefield except his is a view across the battlefield. As you can see, it's not exactly a straight run. The Government side is full of trenches which I suspect are natural and probably very useful. The Jacobite side is flat but all sides are full of the scrub of heather. Not exactly ideal easy fighting turf for the Jacobites at least who like a good run up.

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Culloden Memorial
Culloden Memorial (QTEK 9100)

Right in the middle of the battle field (I presume because the road truncates the field) this is sat as a memorial to the battle of Culloden. I'd recommend people to go there to a have a look and see if they fancy running in the scrub toward the enemy line because this field isn't just grass It's bloody awful. I'd recommend however that they didn't do it whilst it is pissing it down and whilst you are full of a cold.

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Wallace Memorial
Wallace Memorial (QTEK 9100)

Today's outing was to the Wallace Memorial and incredibly big memorial, not the usual rock or folly you see, this is a 5 floor tower with views of Stirling and the surrounding. I tool quite a bit of 35mm pics, but forgot to use the QTEK to take doubles of the pictures so I can show them here. I can show the prints later but much later if they turn out OK of course.

The tower is not for those even slightly scared of heights with the narrow stone steps spiralling ever upward with two way pedestrian traffic all the way up. Luckily you can take the free bus up to level one which does two things, first it saves your legs for the climb up the steps and since the driver appears to prefer bundling down the narrow roads at speed, it acclimatises you to the fear.

After this is was off to Stirling where I took a picture of the Wee Wallace Memorial, unfortunately the phone forgot that picture. Never mind, it wasn't that good after all.

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Rumbling Bridge
Rumbling Bridge (QTEK 9100)

This is Rumbling Bridge at... Rumbling Bridge. It's a actually two bridges in one. The first one build some time in the 19th Century and then a later one just built on top. None of this knocking the thing down the second bigger better bridge was build on top but this time with guard rails and the massive improvement of being higher up so the horses didn't have a steep descent to the bridge and equally steep ascent from the bridge.

Anyway this is a picture showing both parts. The rumbling by the way is because of the sound of thr water down the gorge which is massive and somewhere you can walk around which is impressive. I have a couple of pictures of the water falls but I don't think they really help explain the impressiveness so I shan't put them up here.

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Demon Programmer
Demon Programmer (QTEK 9100)

Just a quick snap of the cat who appears addicted to my laptop. If I sit down and start messing with the laptop the cat decides to sit in the most inconvenient place. I don't know why he like it so much, It also appears that the more important the task I have to do the more the cat gets in the way. So if I have to do some work out of hours then the cat is here quicker than if I'd have opened a can of Tuna. He starts by pawing at my arm because it's in his way, and then he just plonks hinself down, arm or no arm, head just near the mouse (ah perhaps that's it) pad pinning my right arm to my leg.

At least he has stopped walking over the keyboard, which was a little scary when I was logged into one of our live machines at work. One incorrect key press as I'm editing a file and who knows what could happen, so as you can imagine the first (and last) time he did that I did have a quite a bit of checking to do to confirm that nothing had gone awry.

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Armada Beacon
Armada Beacon (QTEK 9100)

Two pictures badly spliced together here of the plaque on the place where the Armada Beacon in Alderley Edge. It used to be on the ground I believe from Flickr pictures but now it's a little higher on a large block of stone. After getting lost in the woods we found the beacon once the pictures were taken it was up to me to navigate back to civilisation Bear Grylls style (not knowing that this less that 200 yards away from an exit). Luckily no-one had to drink their own urine or Monkey Climb up a crevasse as it was only the sound of the traffic that lead me to our escape. I personally couldn't see my daughter hitching up between two vertical cliffs forget about my inability.

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Post box
Post box (QTEK 9100)

Not that much of an exciting picture but a picture I wanted to take for a long while. This is the post box on Cross St that was in the area that was devastated by an IRA bomb and the plaque says that the post box remained almost undamaged, removed whilst all round it was being rebuild, it was put back in 1999.

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