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QTEK 9100's Pictures


Imperial War Museum
Imperial War Museum (QTEK 9100)

This is just a quick picture of the Imperial War Museum North. You may have seen many picturs of the building. This view is quite deceptive in that it sort of looks like the building could be a big square block of a building all made of glass, but this bit (the observation tower) is a squint shiny metal structure. The museum inside is as odd as the outside, not a traditional museum at all. Did I enjoy it... well I think I would have enjoyed it more if I'd have been in the mood for a museum, I was more in the mood for doing something interesting and after being spoilt by the good weather the last couple of days my mind was more set on being outside, however the rain and cold suggested outdoor activities should be curtailed.

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Papal Monument
Papal Monument (QTEK 9100)

I don't remember this but apparently the Pope visited Heaton Park and this is a monument to him for this visit in 1982.

I don't remember but my wife does which might make sense as her Step-Father is Catholic. What's weird about this picture is the colouring, the sky is rather blue and a little dark and yet the front is as bright as anything as if I'd front lit it. This is just a basic picture with the QTEK that I couldn't see too well because what with the sun hitting the screen I would barely see a thing.

0 comments have been left19:42 5 May 2007Tags: monument papal pope heaton
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Old Town Hall Entrance
Old Town Hall Entrance (QTEK 9100)

If you have ever wondered like I have many many times where the old façade of the Manchester Town Hall was after the building was demolished in 1902 then you'll be happy to know that whilst the rest of the building was removed awaiting the 60's to throw up a rather nasty charcoal grey Nat West high rise building the façade is here in Heaton Park, one of the largest municipal parks in Europe covering 640 acres.

The sun was out and so was most of Manchester... well the ones who weren't interested in the local derby were out. It's an impressive park in many ways and pretty ordinary in many others. The hugeness is perhaps one reason I like it mainly, but it does have quite a lot in it, there's a hall and kids play grounds and a boating lake and I'm sure where you are there may be a park with all of those things but at the end of the day you can get a ball and kick it as hard as you can in one direction and run after it without any worry of disturbing anyone at all... oh before you do this, this is not a guarantee, there are some places that you cannot do this. The hall staff will be unimpressed if you try this in the hall I assure you.

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Marble Staircase
Marble Staircase (QTEK 9100)

Here's the entrance at the Trafford Centre, pretty impressive I think, looks better in real life and would of course have been better if the lens was a little wide angled which I would have had with a proper camera and not the QTEK. Up above is one heck of an impressive chandelier. It's strange though having this rather impressive staircase for somewhere that just has average shops. I did have a better picture of the chandelier but my rather impressive camera skills lead me to have my finger in shot. As you can see from the picture, I'm not the only one taking pictures of bits of the stairs.

The great thing about the Trafford Centre's arcade are the dodgems. Much fun was had in the small rink they have with dodgems that go way too fast. In these buckling yourself up is really necessary and a load of fun for £2.50, a small price to pay to skid around (not something you can do on the larger outdoor rinks) and find yourself physically out of your seat after a collision or two.

0 comments have been left21:25 28 Apr 2007Tags: chandelier trafford hall marble
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Oh the Excuses Come Thick and Fast
Oh the Excuses Come Thick and Fast (QTEK 9100)

I can see by the amount of archive pics that you're thinking I'm winding down, it's all excuse after excuse after excuse for no more pictures, but since no-one reads this (except for the obvious) I have no public to answer to. Hoorah I am free from the shackles of updating the site due to lack of popularity.

This picture I like. Don't think that when there is nothing doing that I just slap any old picture up this is not the truth. I check my archive and look at what I have regarding all the digital photos I have and in a special exception I'll go through some 35mm.

This picture is rather special because it's a picture taken by my Daughter. Only 5 at the time with no idea how to take a picture then and now we get this gem. Well I like it. It's probably not intentional at all but I like the clouds in the background with the Monkey nets in a skewed Network 7 angle. It's Chester Zoo by the way.

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Eccles Cakes
Eccles Cakes (QTEK 9100)

Whilst this weekend has again be a little bit of a disaster as far as weekends go in that I was working for a bit of it, a bit of visiting and my Wife was out having fun at friends for part of it, so I was let loose in the house for a swathe of this weekend. Unfortunately this swathe was mainly spent working so I didn't get to watch the films that she would never in a million years watch. I did however get time to try a recipe for Eccles Cakes. The only problem with them is that (as you can see here) I forgot to make some steam holes for them but to be honest that didn't seem to affect them at all, what did seem strange with this recipe is that the filling almost tasted like mincemeat from mince pies which is completely wrong. I should know I've eaten enough Lancashire Eccles Cakes in my time and I cycle past a Lancashire Eccles Cakes factory every morning with it's buttery smell making me either queasy or hungry depending on my mood. However they do taste great, the only problem now is what to do with them all.

The weekend did start well though with an Istanbul Café Mixed Chargrill, a feast for a Friday night or after watching the Chuckle Brothers next door as we did once. There's nothing better than a few Effes with a ton of Donner Meat slapped on top of Pita which soaks up the juices with a few chops and chicken and kebabs for company. I'm starting to make myself hungry.

0 comments have been left17:58 25 Mar 2007Tags: cakes eccles delia
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Clayton Hall
Clayton Hall (QTEK 9100)

Just down from St Cross is Clayton Hall and this is what can only be classed as another classic QTEK9100 moment. It's a poor picture of the hall that apparently passed into the hands of Byron as it says many places. It's a strange place with a moat and outside that the usual East Manchester scenery, housing, industrial units, pubs and a few shops sprinkled. For more information you can go to Manchester City Councils Page which is frankly rubbish not mention of Byron which you'd have thought would have been top of the list as for when it opens... well nothing, there's not even a mention of the 2007 Christmas thing going on there on the 15th of December.

For a better view look at Wikipedia's page on Clayton Hall. As usual Wikipedia wins the day and is a more interesting read... how much of this is true of course is up for debate... only joking. Despite the pictures on the previous sites I still reckon my poor shot of the hall is definitely better than both of them, the only problem with my picture is the horseless carriage in the foreground.

0 comments have been left14:17 17 Mar 2007Tags: clayton hall manchester
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St Cross Church
St Cross Church (QTEK 9100)

This is proof that I do leave the house and not just to go to work, it was a trip to go shopping so I don't think I score any points there, however this was a detour that I think gains me some creativity points. On the way back from Asda (which was after and before going to Sainsburys to get Mothers Day stuff) I stopped at St Cross Church, the place where my Grandmother is buried. This is the second time I have been here... not this is perhaps the third time but the second time here for anything but a funeral. Again I didn't find find my the grave, but I mainly focused on the place I remember it to be which is near an entrance we entered years ago for my Aunt's funeral that you can no longer enter. Was young at the time and I didn't know until told years later that this was the church but when I first came her after that did seem to tie everything together. Mind you memories are such strange things.

Anyway this is a side angle of the church and in typical QTEK9100 style the picture is bad, but then again it's another one of those overcast bright days that most cameras do struggle with unless you have a little control of the camera. It will pass as a picture.

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Poo On
Poo On (QTEK 9100)

Yes you know that I'm immature. You know what toilet humour makes me laugh every time and this is no exception. We went away to Conway for the weekend and after looking around the town we retired back to the hotel to relax a little before Dinner when I pressed the wrong button and got this up on screen, yes the words “Poo On” I clicked it again in the hope that it would say “Poo Off” which would tickle me pink but no, it just said Off. Of course the Poo mean Program Zero but it still brought a smile to my face.

0 comments have been left20:09 18 Feb 2007Tags: conway poo tv
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Sport City
Sport City (QTEK 9100)

Ah yes a picture taken on Valentines Day. How romantic. It wasn't posted yesterday for obvious reasons... well to me, i.e for someone who deals with technology on a daily basis would have a divorce on his hands if he was found tapping keys on Valentines day.

So what do we have here? Well just before trying to get some mussels for Valentines which I could only get at Asda outside Man City's ground I thought the combo of lights and sky were unmissable, so my Daughter and I strode across the car park to get the snap. Unfortunately the neonish Manchester City sign hasn't come out due to camera shake (in night mode this is easy) and it's not looking as near in the picture as it was in ral life and there's also the graininess of night mode. It looks a less impressive that it did. It's probably overdue the 35mm treatment with a tripod.

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