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QTEK 9100's Pictures


Hampton Court Symetry
Hampton Court Symetry (QTEK 9100)

Here's another picture of Hampton Court. This is a walkway around the main atrium. Just near the King's apartment I just liked the symmetry of this one. Mind you it's a classic symmetry picture in many ways, so there's nothing much interesting in it, I just like it.

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Hampton Side
Hampton Side (QTEK 9100)

I think this is the back of Hampton Court and this picture is a little freak in that I never saw the lense flare that happened. I tried for a Hampton Court side pic but I think it looks better than I expected with the the camera stuff.

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Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace (QTEK 9100)

The front of Hampton Court Palace. That's where we have been today. Not somewhere I have fancied going ever however a good place to go nonetheless A massive palace and all my wife's idea, not the existence of the palace, just the idea of going there. Just a quick one for now, more later.

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Riverpark Road Bridge
Riverpark Road Bridge (QTEK 9100)

Finally in this (dull?) load of pics is the bridge stub that is at the end of Riverpark Road. Oddly enough I was compelled when we got here to see if you could get onto the bridge and if you have read all the other bits I have posted then you'll know you can, and you can then walk to Philips Park, when you get the Philips Park section this is all gated off, however someone has made a whole in the gate. If I'd not been more sensible and also not had my Wife and Daughter with me then perhaps I'd have liked to have seen what was on the bridge.

Don't know why the bridge in Philips Park captivated me, perhaps part of it was the fact that it stops at a road and has a load of trees growing on it and yet also still seems to be functional with the filled in bits of arch, as if they are shelters for the park going public. Also there's a the knowledge that trains must have travelled along it and what they did, where it went etc.

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End of Trail (sort of)
End of Trail (sort of) (QTEK 9100)

When you walk from Riverpark Road from the bridge towards Philips Park, you get back onto the road and indeed the picture taken in Philips Park is part of the same line by the looks of it.

In this picture you have the bridge that continues onto Philips park on the right and on the left it goes to the piece on Riverpark Road. Of course the two would have never have met as the Riverpark Road part was just to span the littlest of Valleys, but it is connected to the other side.

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Partial Bridge
Partial Bridge (QTEK 9100)

Now I am scaring myself. We have a bridge in Philips Park that ends at a road which I took ages ago and we see a little stub of a bridge near Sportcity and they might be the same bridge and now I'm off on Google Earth to see if there's more... and there it is at the end of Riverpark Road! So as sane rational people, we set out back to where we had come to find this bit of bridge.

So here's a picture, a few arches and what looks like now a path that runs by the estate.

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Bridge Terminates Here
Bridge Terminates Here (QTEK 9100)

Whilst I'm not really a bridge person... honestly, I just happen to have a load of pictures of them, the investigation into what this part bridge near Sportcity (ASDA) was all about, and it looks like an old railway bridge across the canal as you can see here.

What you can't see is how little of the bridge there is left, only one arch by the looks of it.

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The Train Starts and Terminates Here
The Train Starts and Terminates Here (QTEK 9100)

Whilst shopping near ASDA my wife noticed this part bridge (I didn't notice). It's not too easy to see but the bridge has all the greenery on it and the end of the bridge ends in the green bushy stuff a bit nearer. It's a railway bridge by the looks of it and only a small part with the rest knocked down.

Of course thinking about Philips park and the entry I made called The Train Terminates Here I had to look further as this appeared to be another bit of the bridge.

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Bricks and Birds
Bricks and Birds (QTEK 9100)

I must admit I have tried to get a picture of birds flying for a while and I set the QTEK9100 to Sports and it was rubbish, and then set it to Burst and it did the job. Not that either mode was right (sports mode is just the same as burst except when you release the picture button burst stops, sports carries on until the end of the pre-defined setting).

This reminds me of Heligan Gardens where I saw a Dove flapping. If I had the time I would have camped out with my Mintolta, tripod and zoom lens but no. Instead we get this; which is pretty good (I think) as they flock around and around but nothing as impressive as I could get with a better camera. Donít get me wrong I like this one.

It's not a bad shot I think but I sometimes think the scatter-gun approach to photography is poor.

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Tatton Pigs
Tatton Pigs (QTEK 9100)

Twice in one week I have been to Tatton and these are the pigs. Not a brilliant pic I know but a pic none the less. Nothing much to say about this other than this was when we went to the Harvest Festival at Tatton, where you could make Corn Dolls, watch a Blacksmith (Farrier in this case) and see Horses and Cows.

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23:56 24 Sep 2006Tags: pig tatton park
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