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Sony Ericsson K700i's Pictures


Fireworks Again
Fireworks Again (Sony Ericsson K700i)

The display was OK in all, the waiting and standing round a fire that heated your face and did nothing for your body or feet was sort of worth it. I suspect standing under a tree canopy was not the best place to stand to see rockets but hey let's make the best of what we have.

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Better Timed Firework
Better Timed Firework (Sony Ericsson K700i)

It occurred to me that if my feet were cold then my daughter, who was wearing the obligatory childrens Wellington Boots, which are made of material less substantial than the stuff Sainsburys wrap sandwiches in, would be even more cold.
Nice pic though.

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Fireworks (Sony Ericsson K700i)

It was at this point I was having no fun, so I started getting my camera phone out, which kept me amused as well as the people who thought I was rather sad.

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Bonfire (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Bonfire Night. Ah such wonder. I used to love it as a kid and yet now as an adult I like the idea (a bit like the idea of going to Blackpool) it never really brings the excitement I look forward to. Back garden displays are inevitably punctuated long by pauses where the "Alpha Male" gets the fire work out of the biscuit box, places it on the ground securely, reads the instructions and lights the fuse. So we went to an (dis)organised one. This is the fire for the display.

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The Age of the Train
The Age of the Train (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Ah the wonder of the still camera, or is it my lack of skill. Whilst this looks like a train stopped at a station it isn't. I missed the most important part. I think the Rollei got a good picture but that will take time to process.

No this is a steam train going through Denton train station. Not only is it rare for Denton station to see trains (only one stops here a day and you have to flag it down... it's true honest) but this is a steam train.

On the way home from B&Q we spotted this train stopped on a bridge, thinking it may go through Denton we rush to get this picture. Just as this train got to Denton a freight train passed us this side of the track hence the delay in taking the picture missing the engine. Denton truly was blessed with not one but two trains all at once.

As you can see my skills shone out at this moment, struggling to take a picture with my phone and taking several with the Rollei, the one decent one I got with the phone has my finger in shot at the bottom. Nice work.

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Peel Park
Peel Park (Sony Ericsson K700i)

A bad picture of Peel Park in Salford. Nice park, poor picture. The University is behind me.

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The Irwell
The Irwell (Sony Ericsson K700i)

The river Irwell, nothing much of interest in many ways. The last couple of days have been a little hazy and this sort of highlights this.

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Strange Signs
Strange Signs (Sony Ericsson K700i)

I don't quite understand this sign. Well I understand what it says but not why it goes into so much detail about someone's future intent. You can find these in the University of Salford where we went today to go to the Salford Art Gallery and Museum.

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Small Gate
Small Gate (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Picture 2 of the reservoir a nice little picture of symmetry I think and a with a gate that is specially designed for small people. This means that the council needs to employ people of around 2-3 feet high for working on this part of the reservoir.

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Denton Resevoir
Denton Resevoir (Sony Ericsson K700i)

After finding how to adjust the contrast on the phone camera it took a reasonable shot of this rather ornate bit of a reservoir that I didn't know existed just about a half a mile away from my house.

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