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Welcome to Zamyatin, a cheaky little number that will probably go nowehere and dissapear just as quickly as it started. Failing that it will fester for years with the constant nagging promise of regular content updates.
Yes I have been there and done that.

What this basically is, is a photo blog. I recently acquired a camera phone, not something I ever thought I'd see myself because I already have several real camears that work very well as it is. I didn't need this toy one kicking about, after all the best feature about this mobile phone is that you can initiate a feature where you can talk to someone as if they were there, even if they are miles away. So as you can see I have no use for a camera phone.

Then I decided to move my email address away from my ISP. It just stops me from having to email people everytime I change my ISP. So Zamyatin.co.uk should be mine for a great many years to come, with any luck. Of course with the name I get web space. Not one to turn down a challenge I wracked my brain to think of what to put up there. I landed on a photo blog, but one where I didn't have to take super quality snaps, get them devloped, scan them in and upload them, thats too slow and I'd never get around to doing it. No this'll be a regular picture every so often. Minimal maintainence, and you never know someone might like it.
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