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Two Little Gondolas Sitting in a Line
Two Little Gondolas Sitting in a Line (Nikon D5000)

It's day one in Venice and it has been a tiring day with all the walking and getting in late last night. It's funny how your memory of trips ignores the long and partly arduous bits. I just never remembered that the water bus from the airport took that long. So as you could imagine I was getting more bored with each stop. Of course little chance to eat anything all day didn't help any as my hunger grew. Not that I am complaining. Whilst it was overcast taking this picture,and overcast weather is really difficult to take pictures in, it brightened up towards midday which was welcomed by a beer and then a glut of masked people with frilly wigs, some bizarre and some slightly scary to say the least. Anyway what tonight is to bring is anyone's guess, perhaps a trip into San Marco, a Bellini and a longer in Harry's Bar perhaps, who knows.

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Werneth Low Cenotaph
Werneth Low Cenotaph (Nikon D5000)

On a usual walk from the visitors centre and back again circling the golf course I tookm this pictures. This time unlike all the others I had my camera and zoom lens so it was quite lucky to be honest. Most walks around here appear out of the blue, this time I was prepared. It was a welcome chance to go out what with the last few weeks of staying in-doors or even worse going places for DIY stuff. AT least if you stay in-doors you could watch a film or lie-in or anything, but spending the day in a DIY store is no fun because afterwards you have the fun of putting togeher the item you bought or even worse you leave it in the hall as a constant reminder of your procrastination for weeks to come.

Anyway here's the pic of the Cenotaph.

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Beware for Your Lost Things
Beware for Your Lost Things (Nikon D5000)

On a trip to the Eiffel Tower I saw this sign. Now I knmow what it means, I just think the sign justseems a little silly and a little confusing. It's not as if it is general in that all things are going to be destroyed, it's a particular lost thing, perhaps even a lost thing you lost years ago. If it's a specific lost thing lost years ago, it does appear to be pretty cruel. Not only are they going to take the trouble to track down that lost thing of yours and go to the time and trouble of all that, but they are going to then destroy it and presumably not tell you about it. Those are some pretty serious mind games for you. Of course the bottom of the sign seems to suggest items that you may have lost such as a motorbike, bicycle and a pram, presumably without a child in it, but even that's not 100% from here. Weird huh?

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Shepherds Following the Star
Shepherds Following the Star (Nikon D5000)

It's a weird on this. It all started on Christmas day. We looked out of the hotel room and saw this light in the sky beaming down (or more probably beamiung from groiund to the sky, but who knows). Of course you might imagine that this has happened before, I think there is a story about it, I just can't quite remember. Anyway after much discussion we decided to head out and look for the source. A couple of people said it was the Eiffel Tower, but I suspected not bearing in mind where it was in relation to the hotel. I was pretty sure it was in the Place de Vendom. It was at the Place de Vendom I started to think the light in the sky was the moon, it was looking quite likely, however I was sure that there was more to it, because in the hotel there were definately beams going up... or down. Anyway like three Shepherds on the first Christmas, however the first Christmas wasn't on the 25th and there were 4 of us, and none of us could heard sheep. Apart from that, it was quite spiritual following the light to find. A square. No not the baby Jesus, the Place De Madelaine where spotlights were being projected into the sky to a point.

Think there were quite a few good pictures taken here, but this might be the best, but who knows.

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Paris Lock-in
Paris Lock-in (Nikon D5000)

Another busy day with walking all over the place to the Pompidou Centre and joining a queue for something unknown just to get in to find that it was just the entrance to the place itself. Of course turn the corner and there's another entrace and it has no queue at all. You live and learn huh? We allso fitted in Notre Dame as well, so wilst these things aren't that far apart, collectively, it's been a busy day what with the trip from the hotel and back again. Add to that walking around a subterranean mall and you have yourself one very varied day. Of course now it's back at the hotel for a well earned beer or two.

This picture is of Ponte du Neuf where lovers attach padlocks inscribed with their names. I don't think this is te most famous place to do it, however this is a place and I have a picture of it so there. I think we passed the real one which I believ featered in a film that neither my daughter or I could remember the name of. Never mind, I don't remember it being any good.

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A View From the Hotel
A View From the Hotel (Nikon D5000)

It's been quite a long day, in fact quite a long two days starting with a rather scary flight what with the horrendous wind causing turbulence and a landing that now has me cause for concern in future. A fear that I have previously escaped due to ignorance. It came as a huge surprise once the wheels hit the ground that the aircraft lurched wildly across the tarmac. Anyway, life's tough huh, the rest has just been just the usual for a Christmas in Paris. So this morning it was down the Champs-Élysées for a gander at the Christmas markets and off to the Arc du Triomph. Mind you that's a lot of walking.

Anyway, before all that that there was a bit of walking around the Louver before anyone had awoken and after that there was this pic which is a view from the hotel room. It did require me to hang outof the room hoping that I had a proper grip on the camera. Along with all of this it was put oin timer, the screen was flipped out so that I had some approximation of what I was taking. Even so I am so glad it came out so clear, with the A longish exposure with me hanging out of the window I am amzed that you can see anything clearly. Anyway, what you see is the road which comes to an end at a glass building that is the reflecting the road making it look longer, and in the distance is the Sacre Coer.

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Outta Here
Outta Here (Nikon D5000)

On a visit to Trentham Gardens we saw this Rhino running away from the crumbling hall, it's a shame because the hall has been like this with nothing done to it every time we have been there yet despite this there is a plaque to say that the building will be incorporated into a 5 star hotel. Lets hope they plan to do this before the hall falls down.

0 comments have been left19:20 24 Nov 2013Tags: trentham hall gardens rhino
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Waxing Lyrical
Waxing Lyrical (Nikon D5000)

On a weird trip to Blackpool, we started off the day with Madam Tussauds which apparently has been recently updated. To be honest I have no plan ever to get my picture taken with a star so I have no need to have my picture taken with a wax star. I must admit in real life, these waxworks seem a little dodgy and yet what is weird is that when you take a picture of it... it looks better.

Of course we had to travel down the prom to see the lights and I an not sure why because my Daughter is plugged into music in the back and she's teenager. Of course it's because my Wife wanted to see the Illuminations... Of course.

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Underground Reservoir
Underground Reservoir (Nikon D5000)

Well like quite a few people we headed down to Clayton-le-Woods to have a look at the soon to be demolished underground resevoir, or cistern as I think there are sometimes called. Due to the fact that the developer wants to put up more houses in the area, this Victorian structure is going to be destroyed and filled in I assume much to the disgust of some people but before that happens, its open to the public for two weeks. Strangely enough it appeared to be less busy than I thought, so it wasn't much of a queue to get inside. It's not huge and there's not a great deal to see but it's still interesting. Of course I think I have been spoilt because last year we went to the Cistern in Istanbul which is huge, has water in it and has it's own cafe inside. It's also great in summer as it serves as great relief from the leat outside.

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Arley Fly-ing Visit
Arley Fly-ing Visit (Nikon D5000)

So this weekend we ended up at Arley Hall again. It was strangely warm weather so we made the most of it. As usual when we go somewhere and in particular Arley Hall, there is something on. This weekend there was a food festival. So there were no leisurely walks to be seen until we found out that the gardens were out of bounds. So we hit the shop to get a ticket to the gardens only to be hit with a woman who tried to make my life simple. I personally couldn't work it out. You couldn't get in to the Hall grounds without paying, yet after she charged us £18 for the gardens she asked us if we had paid to get into Arley Hall. Well this caused problems because we shouldn’t have paid something or some other so she tried to refund us. It took a while and she cound't work it out so we had to go back. In the end she refunded us £12 but to this day I am not sure what the heck this was all about. I'm also not sure she understood, but there you go.

Anyway in this return visit I decided to take a pic of another statue around a fountain in the grounds just opposite this one. This time I seem to have taken a worse picture with a better camera and got a snapshot of a fly in mid-flight. What are the chances of that happening.

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