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David and Bernie
David and Bernie (Nikon D5000)

Hooray it's the Autosports show, lots of cars and drivers all in one place. It's quite like a trade show but with an action arena and lots of Universities vying for candidates as well as the accessories that go along with cars that I have no clue about. Don't forget the ladies in Lycra who adorn the odd car or two that seem to attract more attention than the cars at which point you get a gaggle of blokes pretending to take a picture of the car and some not even pretending.

The action arena was quite good with Jason Plato and Louise Goodman doing their stuff, parading stocks, vans stocks, the McLaren MP4 and all sorts of other stuff spinning around the arena. As well as that there was the Caterham Drift arena which I should have had a go at and Karting. All spiffing fun

The pic is of David Coultard who had a Q and A at the end of the day with Bernie as a backdrop.

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Several Firsts
Several Firsts (Nikon D5000)

As you can guess from the title there are several firsts today. The first (first) is that we are at the NEC. Second is that we are about to go to a motor show, goodness knows what that will be like. Third I shared a restaurant with David Coultard though I didn't do anything embarrassing like ask for a picture, I think Paul di Resta was there too but I wasn't sure. Finally I am trying out my EyeFi card with a new app I created so no-one knows what mess will appear since there's some strangeness happening when the picture transfer to my phone from the Nikon. Anyway this is a picture of the NEC at night, less of a good pic and more of a test so let's see if it works. With any luck lots of pics tomorrow at the show.

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Towering Eye-full
Towering Eye-full (Nikon D5000)

Yesterday caused a lot of walking from one place to another, but the main aim was the Eiffel Tower which we got to quite quickly but of course the queues were another thing. Last time I was there it was free to walk up the tower (well the first two stages anyway), this time there was a queue to pay which my Wife and Daughter decided to do so my Mum and I went for a coffee.

One and a half hours later they were down and we were all walked out after walking up to the Trocadero and back, even so we headed back to the Arc De Triomphe. From there we experienced the French McDonalds which was so packed that it turned fast food into daft stupid queuing for food luckily they had some nice automated things that people didn't like to use which made it quicker.

So from busy French McDonalds to the Hilton where they have a bubble bar, a place that looked huge until we got there and we looked at it and left. Yes it was impressive but it wasn't on the go when we got there and it was all so much smaller than it seemed in the picture and then off home. A pretty huge circuit by many standards.

Back to the pic, I think you can guess that.

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Been a long time been a long time
Been a long time been a long time (Nikon D5000)

What with decorating I have had little time to take pictures or be bothered to be quite honest. So this is an archive pic from the Hat Museum at Stockport, a bit of symmetry and organisation in a world that fails in both of those.

I would love to tell you that I have had some wonderful exploits but that would be wrong, however bear with me and over Christmas, pics might be aplenty.

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Remembrance Sunday
Remembrance Sunday (Nikon D5000)

Here at Chester Cathedral are the crosses set in the ground for Remembrance Sunday. Nothing else to say about it really other than on a photography note I used my zoom lens and opened up the aperture to narrow the depth of field. I did take another one with a wide depth of field but it didn't look as good. Some of the pics inside the Cathedral also looked good what with the low sun causing beams to cross the interior. Perhaps on a slow day I shall add some of them, until then you'll just have to imagine and probably imagine them as better than they are.

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Union Flag or Jack
Union Flag or Jack (Nikon D5000)

Yes still decoration to nothing much has been done otherwise but today there was a little bit of a rest-bite because of my Daughter's party and the fact that I think we were really bored with decorating so it was a trip to the hat museum in Stockport for us as a special treat. For those in the know it happens to be in the old arcade in Stockport just near Chestergate. To be honest Stockportt is a strange place with the A6 sitting 2 floors above Chestergate which can be a little disorientating, add to the fact that I've not been to Stockport for many years so the new places that have sprung up are a bit of a surprise.

As far as the party, that was at the Chill Factore where we did some tubing. It was OK but after the third or fourth run you did have to wonder how longer we had to do it. Perhaps the luge next time.

The Hat Museum was OK too, nothing special, I suspect it would be better on any other day than a quiet day and with a guide as the turn the machines on if you have a guided tour.

This picture is of a Mini with a Union Jack/Flag roof that I thought looked good. I don't know why the mini was there because I'm pretty sure I couldn't see any signs to say why but hey that doesn’t stop me taking a picture.

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This Charming Man
This Charming Man (Nikon D5000)

After a few weeks on decoration and dispair... well it looks like everything has to start with a d so let's hope next doesn't start with dysentery I haven't been out for a bit so I have an archive pic for you. I say I haven't been out but I have. Work still sees me, so I haven't done an “Office Space” and decided not to turn up don't worry about that, the bills still keep telling me that I need to get paid so I can still continue to pay my hosting provider and keep the good ship Zamyatin on course... for where I have no idea.

Anyhow this is a pic from Beaumaris in Anglesey, in fact it's the Beaumaris Gaol (Jail in modern spelling and it is pronounced the same, please don't tell me it's pronounced Goal like a few people tried to tell me). It's pretty interesting for such a small place but the website doesn't do it justice. If you do go get an audio commentary but try not to get confused with the room numbers... you will but try not to. Still it's odd being such a small town and having such a place there if you know what I mean but then again I suspect they were more commonplace in that there was a gaol in Belle Vue just near the Speedway further information about can be found in what seems like D A Radclifefe's Belle Vue Prison Page.

Back to the plot, the pic is of a man scribed into the window of the work house, I believe it was the women’s workhouse. In fact this wasn't the only image scratched into the glass -just the most interesting- there were names and years of sentences and someone had dug into the ground too, so not much work going on those days I assume.

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Teggs Nose
Teggs Nose (Nikon D5000)

Todays trip ended up at Teggs Nose but it started out by going to the Cat and Fiddle to have a look at the climb up to the pub because it's one of the climbs in the Macc Monster which I won't be competing in but it did look interesting what with my first flush of success (as far as I'm concerned). Mind you there's a slight difference in the severity and amount of feet required this time, still you never know whether you can do something until you try. Anyway there seemed to be an event on up to the Cat and Fiddle but to be honest it didn't look like the day for it to me, it was wet and a little cold, not really the day for climbing up to the Cat and Fiddle dicing with cars on the way but then again I was in the safety of warm car. So to Teggs Nose. It's a country park with views across to Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales and Alderly Edge to name but a few. In this picture you can even see Jodrell Bank which is easier to see when you're there than on this picture but if you can see a white spot just down from the horizon and off right of the centre, the radio telescope was turning around whilst we were there making it easier to see but it was pretty unmistakable.

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It Just isnt Cricket...
It Just isnt Cricket... (Nikon D5000)

...and that's right (Well what do you expect from a Zamyatin article title?). Initially I thought it was a Cricket but apparently they are nocturnal so this must be a Grasshopper and what a clear pic we have. It must have been a very patient Grasshopper because I did hang about quite a bit trying to take the picture after it hopped onto my Wife's trousers. In fact once done it didn't want to go so she had to pick it up and drop it somewhere safe because beige trousers aren't exactly the best place to hide from the birds if you're a nice and tasty green insect. Anyway for those who care this was snapped on a long walk around Tatton Park on a supposedly rainy day that ended up being rather nice and overcast in patches. Of course the fact that it was overcast did make it really difficult to take good pictures as the light is just awful but every so often you get a lucky break like this one.

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Smithills Open Farm
Smithills Open Farm (Nikon D5000)

Now I know what they mean about it being an open farm because it's open to visitors but the word open just makes me think of the word open in Open Prison. Are the animals allowed out for weekends or in the case of famous inmates are they allowed to write books on their lives etc. Either way if they are allowed out then they were all present and correct for this overcast Bank Holiday Monday.

It's not a bad place and it's right next door to Smithills Hall which I wouldn't have minded going to have a look at but we never had time. There are lots of animals to see and as a sub-venture which is Smithills Open Farm Birds of Prey which even has it's own waste of time website and of course birds of prey which all looked a little dejected as they all sat tethered and soaked. Still there were quite a few animals to stroke and avoid and look a little scared at or frighten off depending on who was more frightened. They had the usual, cute little pigs -which I refused to take pictures of because I have far too many, pictures that is- goats, sheep, snakes and the like. They also had some deer or antelope that made a squeaking sound which sounded like they needed oiling which was just weird, initially I thought the sound was coming from some birds until sure enough it was the deer.

Anyway just down from the rusty deer were some goats as pictured, they also looked cute and I spied two baby goats sat together, I tried getting a good picture of the two sat together but it didn't work out too well so you'll just have to be happy with the one.

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