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Dear Oh Deer
Dear Oh Deer (Nikon D5300)

Well bearing in mind I've not taken a picture for ages then I needed to get out and a picture of a dear is better than nothing despite the fact that I have quite a few images of dear in my collection. Like I say, the sun was out and so was I, so it was time to celebrate with a picture. To be honest it nearly didn't happen what with everything going on this weekend, but I was insistent and persistent and so we went out. Lucky really because I think the prediction in the middle of the week was it was going to rain all weekend.

Anyway, this is a little deer in the park and that's about it. The ice-cream queue was as long as ever and the wind was a little cold, but apart from the occasional brave dear getting close to the paths, nothing more to report really.

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Morris Men
Morris Men (Nikon D5300)

Having had a quick search, I believe that these are Border Morrises that we saw in Skipton. T was a warm and bust Skipton since it was bank holiday Monday and everyone was out to try and enjoy the end of the weekend.

Initially it was a little bit of an abortive day out as we set out initially to go to Vintage Carriages Trust which can only be described as two small and confusing museums, so after a quick look there and a sit in many different railway carriages (yes I suspect the name of the museum should have explained what we were going to see) we headed off to Skipton where we saw he Border Morris dancers by the side of the canal.

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More Valletta Fun
More Valletta Fun (Nikon D5300)

It was a quick tour of Valletta today, we saw the hospital and had a 45 minute ilm on the history of Malta at the Malta Experience. Valletta isn't a huge place but you do get a little tired when you walk from one side to the other. In between we turned up here at St Johns Cathederal. It;s a very impressive place, more highly decorated than anyplace I think I have seen, even more gold than Seville's Giralda from my opinion. However I think at this point I was getting a bit of church fatigue, so we set off for the fort.

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Hagar Qim
Hagar Qim (Nikon D5300)

Todays trip was to the ancient temple of Hagar Qim. it's an interesting place, but to protect it, it is covered in a tarpaulin, which sort or ruins any picures that you might want to take. Well I think so anyway. Mind you the way the light is at this time of year, the sky would cause a few problems I suspect, so you can't in with me can you.

Anyway, I think some of the stones here raised more questions than provided answers, some stones were perhaps a way to guage the time of year using stars and marks made in the stones, I'm assuming this isn't the case with this one, I'm assuming this is purely decorativebut who knows.

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Funky Cold Mdina
Funky Cold Mdina (Nikon D5300)

We were off to Mdina today in search for a Cathederal, Cake and a Mosaic, and to be honest nether were as impressive as they were supposed to be. The Cathederal was OK and quite pretty and the town of Mdina is nice to stroll about, however it would be nice to try strolling around it at night as it's supposed to be more impressive at that time. The cake was also overrated, I wasn't interested in cake so I can't tell you from my own opinion. And the mosaic in the Roman Vila was... a dullish Mosaic.

I don't think the weather helped, startung out really wet and trying its best to brighten but always with a threat to rain. This picture is of one of the narrow streets in Mdina where people still live the walled community.

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Marsaxlokk or Bust
Marsaxlokk or Bust (Nikon D5300)

It's been a busy day, we've been to three different places, yes you heard it right, three, and they call this a holiday. The first was a must see, I don't know why, probably because the story is so remarkable. At Mosta you can see a church that was full at the time of bombings in the area, I suspect the bombs were supposed to hit the airfield that is now a Craft Village, anyway 4 bombs hit the church, 3 bounced off, two of which detonated without any causlties and the 4th dropped through the dome, hit a painting of Christ on the head and fell to earth without detonating or hurning anyone.From that moment on I suspect they celebrate Jesus Bomb Heading day. You can see a replica of the bomb in the church and whilst there is not guided tours, there was a helpful bloke there who explained everything.

The next stop was the Craft Villlage, yawn. If you like glass or ceramics or jewelry and that sort of stuff then go, but there's no need for everyone to go.

Finally to Marsaxlokk a small fishing village which is quite pretty and full of boats all painted in similary colours, all blue, yellow and red. As you can tell this bloke is a fisherman and so probably owns a blue yellow and red boat, unless it's all for the tourists and he actually owns something called a globaltrawler 3 that goes out once a week and hoovers up it's weekly ration of fish in one glup allowing him to pretend to fix his quaint nets for the rest of the week.

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Valletta Carneval
Valletta Carneval (Nikon D5300)

This as of yet determined combo of tablet and keyboard could come a cropper because I don't seem to be able to activate the spell check, after all it's part of the keyboard on Android and n external keyboard doesn't being up the normal Android keyboard. Anyway, I shouln't think that the spelling will be any worse than usual since I usually ignore it anyway and get a shed load of suggested words anyway.

Today we headed out to Valletta to see what the carneval had in store and to be honest I think we saw the pre-carneval carneval. As we were heading away the roads got busier and busier, which is fine by me because I'm all good for a party, but I think these people were after a paaartaywhich by the sounds of it needed lots of crushed ice and cans of Skol. To be honest it looked like a good excuse to drive a tractor over the limit whilst also trailing a float. No it looked like good fun and it did have a good atmosphere. Anyway, this is of a back street in Valletta that I thought looked pretty.

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The Cage in Winter
The Cage in Winter (Nikon D5300)

Oh the curse and blessing of sun on a winters day for photographers. The light just makes it so difficult getting a good shot. I took loads of pictures and to be honest I don't think I took a decent one. Mind you I'm like that most days, so I'm not sure why I'm trying to make excuses for my bad snaps.

The main problem is that fact that the ground is so light that if you take the exposure for that then everything else becomes an near silhouette. Of course the opposite is true, if you expose everything to make sure things aren't a silhouette then the snow is so over exposed it removes all features from it. Makes you impressed with how the human eye and brain working in tandem makes it all *look* so simple.

That's the technical bit over with. This weekend's trip was to go to Lyme Park and have a quick walk around. Only the second time that we ended up parking in Disley and walked in to the park for free (yeah we cheated the system). The problem with that of course, is that you've already had a pretty good walk before you've even got to the park, still you feel you mist at least walk to the hall before you turn around no matter how walked out you might be by the time you get there, especially after walking in a bit of deep snow.

Anyway, this is the cage in Lyme Park which I am amazed I can't find a really good link for, thought I can find loads of pictures, but you don't need any of those, you have this impressive specimen.

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Messing About in Boats
Messing About in Boats (Nikon D5300)

I am sure the last time we went to the National Waterways Museum it was huge, however this time, it seemed less so. I suspect part of that was because the engine hall was silent and the pump house was closed, so I suspect that didn't help. I also seem to remember that the blacksmith was working the last time too, so I suspect there were a lot of things to do. Perhaps we were lucky or maybe we went on a Saturday.

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Moo Cow Don't Bother Me
Moo Cow Don't Bother Me (Nikon D5300)

Ah the first picture of the New Year and finally some wintry weather, though to be honest it could have waited until we had got inside and nice and cosy so we could view the horrible weather through a window instead of at first hand.

After an hour of walking in sunny weather, then snow, then sleet, then rain and back to snow again we did manage to view the storm through the glass of the cafe, but half way through we met up with these two which I initially wasn't bothered about until one of them gave a brief shooing motion to my Wife with it's horns at which point I thought it was wise to keep a steady distance.

Still that's my weekly exercise done... where are the chips.

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