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Pub Lunch
Pub Lunch (QTEK 9100)

The day after the Christmas party we all went to The Little Mill a nice pub in the middle of nowhere which seemed quit nice. Not the restaurant that I was expecting but a pretty huge plate of food. The Cumberland Sausage didn't appear in a ring you might expect but turned up as 5 whopping sausages. The only complaint I had was that there was too much and gravy would have helped.

Anyway back to the point this is parked out back. An old London bus style affair with a train carriage with I don't have a pix of. I must admit I did think of buying one when they were selling them off but the practicalities of 10mpg stopped me. Oh well.

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Little Chef
Little Chef (QTEK 9100)

Whilst at my yearly (own personal) Christmas Do at little Chef I found this poster in a frame. First can I just explain this is the second time I have been here in a row for an Xmas Do so it's not like I do this to let my hair down (I was joking). Either way, I was instructed to leave my Wife in bed and "Go away and get breakfast and leave me alone" not the official words but they shall do. Anyway I saw this poster that nearly made my eyes pop out and it caused me to re-evaluate my thoughts on sausage. Outdoor reared sausage? I never knew. OK I was never hoodwinked into the Haggis hunting fiasco they are not living animals I know that we all know that Haggis are plant based but sausages... Outdoor reared? I never knew, gambling about with their little sausage legs in the field without being trapped in a cage like a battery sausage. Hell has no fury like mine whilst I think about little sausages that don't see the light of day. FREE THE SAUSAGE.

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Lincoln Square
Lincoln Square (QTEK 9100)

The Manchester Markets have taken hold in Albert Square, St. Anne's Square and Lincoln Square which this is a picture of. Pride of place in Lincoln Square is a statue of Abraham Lincoln pictured here. I can't remember the reason for the statue mind you.

What you have here is a picture of the statue, a place to get Bratwurst and other lovely German sausages and to the left somewhere to get refreshment. Despite working on Peter Street the first time I got out to see the markets were yesterday for lunch with my wife (unfortunately I had to rush back for phone interviews) and today, a quick outing to get Christmas presents. It's not like there wasn't much to get I would have loved half the stuff there as a present I just suspect the people I have left to buy for would not be so appreciative. Ah well there's always Amazon.

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Woman on Ceiling
Woman on Ceiling (QTEK 9100)

Still in Manchester this is on the ceiling of the gallery in Manchester on Mosley Street. I don't think I was supposed to take pictures within the Gallery so I shall await a knock on the door from the Art Police. I can't remember the name of the room but it's a really tranquil room and perhaps that's the lighting and the seats around the outside that have speakers that play sort of ambient sound such as people talking and singing.

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Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights (QTEK 9100)

On a quick trip into Manchester we parked in China Town to have lunch and have a quick look around we saw this. Manchester's lights got turned on on Thursday and it appears that whilst the main lights are around Albert Square lots of other bits of the Centre did the same. This Dragon in China Town looks quite impressive. Thinking about it I do wonder what Piccadilly Gardens (not that the gardens exist anymore. I wonder if it's now called Piccadilly Square now) looks like, perhaps that's next week.

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Predictable Me
Predictable Me (QTEK 9100)

Still in Debdale park, here's a picture of a tree lined path. A predictable one for me, I like the scene, though it's not as good a picture as I would have liked, so I shall now bore you with an average picture set out predictably.

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Glass In Cement
Glass In Cement (QTEK 9100)

There two weird things about this picture from Debdale park. The first is that to the left of the picture on the corner of the house are some strange oblong shapes, each one appears to be a piece of cement with a lump of glass embedded, each one marked with a date ending in a year with a three at the end, I think the earliest was 1933. This happens to be a building that looks like a hallish thing, or something like that. Don't know what the glass is there for though.

Just after the slight amazement of this, my Wife said "Is that a... is it alive that squirrel?" and sure enough in the picture slap bang in the middle is the tail of en ex-squirrel which looked like it might have found out that electric cables are not there as tasty snacks.

0 comments have been left13:36 5 Nov 2006Tags: squirrel denton
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Ordsall Hall
Ordsall Hall (QTEK 9100)

It's a strange place in the middle of either "city centre" dwelling (as the marketing man would like to say falsely) or industrial units, and there in the midstís of this is this Tudor Hall which opens mainly when people cannot go.

I thought it was a bit of a let down, but then again I think I was expecting too much. Nice though so if you have nothing else to do pop along. I did try and find some links to link into this post but I have failed. All the links I found didn't work which probably ties in with my disappointment. Anyway here's a picture of the fron... bac... fron... Urrr one side of the hall.

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No Show Without Punch
No Show Without Punch (QTEK 9100)

As the old saying goes, "there's no show without Punch" and at Heaton Hall there's no set of statues without the Dog too... well I assume it's a dog, and a quite set upon dog with a bit out of it's ear and lots of people have had a go at it, which isn't that nice. Still I have now taken the set. I shall now have my weak lemon drink.

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Close-Up Lion
Close-Up Lion (QTEK 9100)

This is another picture of the status of the Lion at the front of Heaton Hall, this time close up. Unfortunately the hall was closed so we couldn't look around it.

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