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Nisis DV5's Pictures


Salford Blaze
Salford Blaze (Nisis DV5)

Just after the A1 GP boys finished their tour of Manchester's city centre a plume of smoke rose above Manchester from Salford from Seaford Road where an industrial unit exploded. Whilst people looked I could help thinking (before the A1 GP and whilst the smoke billowed) about the Manchester Bomb. Part of this concern of course was because this is the 10th anniversary of the Manchester bomb and my Wife came back last week with book about it.

Luckily they believe that no one was hurt in the explosion.

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Year of the Pier
Year of the Pier (Nisis DV5)

I never knew that 1996 was the year of the Pier but now I do. I don't think I have ever noticed this before, but then again I probably have. I have walked past it and probably trodden on it enough times, so this time I took a picture to prove that I know. However, despite pointing my picture down at the ground, some people didn't think to avoid the shot so I had to wait. This was a bit like when I was taking a time exposure of York Cathedral’s ceiling (I think) and because someone didn't see the camera I nearly got a shot of the inside of someone's dress to much amazement of some French tourists.

0 comments have been left00:03 6 Aug 2006Tags: pier llandudno plaque
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Llandudno Pier
Llandudno Pier (Nisis DV5)

A picture of Llandudno Pier last weekend. The sun was out the arcade was full of... OK games and the promanade was good. After a relaxing day there was nothing better than watching my brother and his wife trying to fold a popup tend back into the bag.

0 comments have been left23:58 5 Aug 2006Tags: llandudno pier clouds
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Duck!!!! (Nisis DV5)

What can I say, there are Ducks at Camelot and this is one. Let's face it where there's water there are ducks and this is no exception so meet Mr. Duck and say hello... say hello then!

0 comments have been left09:20 29 Jul 2006Tags: duck crossing camelot
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A View from the Arcade
A View from the Arcade (Nisis DV5)

The Hotel in Camelot being an old style hotel and by that I mean it has lots of nooks and crannies to have look in, it has entertainments, several bars, suites, restaurants and more twists and turns from your reception to your room that you would take on an average commute (these are not bad things please note I like these sorts of things, also make it more interesting when you're three sheets and trying to get back to your room). Incidentally after hiring a Sherpa to help us to the room we found that we were only ten yards (line of sight) from where we started, if only we could go through brick the trip would have been much shorter, just probably less fun. Even then there was a shorter route than that which we were given.

Anyway this is a view from the games arcade with air(flow) football or whatever you call it which was played muchly along with the other arcade games and then as you can see in the picture, this happened, so we had to stay put and play a few games. As usual on quite hot and sunny days it was a quick hammering and it stopped dried and external activities were resumed.

0 comments have been left09:16 29 Jul 2006Tags: rain arcade hotel camelot
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Park Hall Waterfall
Park Hall Waterfall (Nisis DV5)

After the fun and the funificatiousness off Park Philips Park comes the fun and funificatiousness of Park Hall or Camelot as you Earth people know it by. A hotel is in the park more or less with a waterfall to make the place look like... Switzerland I assume. It's a really nice hotel by the way even though it is 3 star (mind you we liked lots of 2 star hotels in Italy, they were basic but pretty good fun to be in, then again there were some bad ones too).

Weddings seemed to be the order of the day so we were a bit crowded out but still, a very interesting hotel, just a pity we forgot to pack swimming trunks or on the Saturday night I'd have had a dip in the pool, something I always try to do when the opportunity arises, however a few pints later after landing it was a good job that I couldn't be bothered finding a swimwear shop.

0 comments have been left09:07 29 Jul 2006Tags: camelot fountains
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Pylons and Stuff at Philips Park
Pylons and Stuff at Philips Park (Nisis DV5)

Not a great photo with the DV5 but it'll do for the purpose. Another archive pic. Never thought much of it at the time, but it sort of prooves what a strange city Manchester really is. One view is a view of a train track that stops (Train Terminates Here). One side there's an expanse of fields and another you have the pylons with a where the wires sink into the ground because of a generator and new fantastic flats. All within a few minutes walk from the new Stadium, and all a few minutes walk from the canal and a graveyard and park that once in the middle of you might be somewhere else. Here however you can hear the traffic and some of it feels oppressive.

0 comments have been left22:54 21 Jul 2006Tags: pylons philips park
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Long time no see!
Long time no see! (Nisis DV5)

More archive pics I am afraid. Yes I am back, but with work and stuff there’s little time to get things moving. Tomorrow I shall probably be working again, despite my wish to find and picture all all pencils in Manchester since my wife found one on Wilbraham Road.

Despite my long stay away I have been keeping up with all the web going’s on and have been criticized that despite the fact that I have said this is not a blog that I have now (paridoxically) produced a blog! I say there are two sorts of people in the world, the hypocrites and liars. OK criticized is an emotive word I should have said it has been noted.

As far as the world of the web is concerned it is just as much of a commodity as it was before Crash V1.0.

As far as this picture is concerned it is a picture of the wheel in Manchester in December before it was cleared to give way to the screening the World Cup, which was then stopped after the first screened match due to trouble and now Manchester City council (who I believe were to be given money to keep the wheel but declined) are now going to reinstate the much loved wheel. I like this picture, one of those random, “will it come out… I don’t think so… oh look it looks rather nice… which way up is it” pictures.

0 comments have been left22:04 14 Jul 2006Tags: wheel manchester
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The Hall at Alton Towers
The Hall at Alton Towers (Nisis DV5)

Nothing much to say about this. I think the title says it all. I just thought it looked a nice shot on a trip to Alton Towers. It has been quite a few years since I last went and a lot has changed, in fact it's almost a different park. I wasn't much in the mood for it, but the kids enjoyed it, which is the main thing.

Again shot with the DV5 contrast was a difficulty with the bright sky to the left, but the detail is quite acceptable.

0 comments have been left11:06 25 Jun 2006Tags: alton overgrown hall
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M60 Bridge near Sale Water Park
M60 Bridge near Sale Water Park (Nisis DV5)

One of my fave things to photo are geometric shapes, and if I manage to scan the pics in from holiday then you'll probably guess that with at least one shot of a traffic bollard… exactly. This is of a bridge that crosses the M60 just near Sale Water Park. Last time we were at the Water Park there was no bridge and the M60 was still being worked on, so to see this quite impressive bridge there now meant that I had to walk on it, even though I have no idea where it ends up (that’s step two).

Whilst the bridge does in some ways look impressive, unfortunately it's just as impressive as all the other new bridges on the M60 build from the same design... which is the pity; they could have been more imaginative surely?

0 comments have been left18:30 14 Jun 2006Tags: bridge m60 sale symmetry
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