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Hotel's Pictures

It must be a Mirage
It must be a Mirage (JVC Everio GZ-MS100)

As you might be able to guess that has been nothing much doing as far as pictures around Zamyatin, and even this weekend was a little flat but busy nonetheless. Birthdays and presents and all sorts have been the order of the day so nothing really of interest at all really. Highs and lows have been had but nothing specific.

This picture is from Las Vegas and is a picture of The Mirage hotel from the Venetian using the video camera purely because of the fact that it has a really good zoom lens on it so because of that it's a little abstract as it's quite high up on the building and it's reflecting the other wing of itself so you can't really work out which way up it is. Anyway I like it because of the reflections and it's abstract nature.

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Pier Eye for the Straight Guy
Pier Eye for the Straight Guy (Pentax Optio 50)

What with the two pier fires in England this year with Brighton Pier and Fleetwood Pier going up in flames, lets hope that this isn't the last picture of Llandudno's Pier you see, however I think not (I know nothing of Brighton's Pier) but Fleetwood's Pier have been abandoned for years and had confirmed a controversial plan to put apartments on it which was disliked by some. At least Llandudno's Pier is well loved, used and still open. The Pier looks to be booming to such an extent that they have raised the rates so businesses such as a local photographer are moving out. Should the worst happen to the Pier before that I would at least like to live to have a pint at the bar at the end of the Pier. Up until now I have yet to be able to have a pint there for one reason or another. I have a picture of Fleetwood Pier but this will have to be scanned in and is more of a depressive closed down Pier shot.

This is of course the Pier with the Grand Hotel in the foreground. You're lucky there were any pictures at all after this weekend's jaunt to the Welsh Riviera. We went to The Greenwood Forest Park where there is an exhibition with a sandstorm machine. I put the camera on top of the machine to try it out... oh yes a sandstorm and it's a little fun and then looked for my camera. Hold on the camera isn't on the top of the machine. With a little thought I started wondering if I imagined putting the camera on top so I patted myself down to check my pockets... no camera. A further look on top of the machine led to the discovery that there was no top of the machine, I had actually dropped my camera into the sandstorm machine. A bit of climbing and looking found the camera wedged next to the blower. Phew.

Other discoveries this weekend (other than the sandstorm machine has no top) were that the GPS on my phone contains a map of England, yes only England if you type in a postcode in Wales you're off the map... I should have brought my real GPS. Also we found out this weekend that Proton Satria's are not slim cars but they can park on a very steep slope at the ski slope even if it does take you several circles of the back roads to find the right one (because the GPS doesn't have it on the map). All in all good weather prevailed and short sleeves were in order for some of it along with sandy little feet.

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McCurve (TYTN II)

From the room this weekend you could see this which is unfortunately tainted by the reflection in the window. Unlike the last picture of the Macdonald Hotel, this doesn't help with reflections.

There's nothing much to say about this apart from the blue sky doesn't hint the fact that it was bitterly cold outside which would have meant that we'd have stayed in the hotel but for the fact that they seemed to be hosting some sort of Manchester United thing -probably for the match on Sunday. Not that it was a problem that it was Manchester United but more that the bar and restaurant would be packed. Not a good place to have an Anniversary.

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Room at the Top
Room at the Top (TYTN II)

At the risk of finding myself at an uber-modern hotel I booked to stay at the Macdonald hotel anyway for our Anniversary. After the disappointment of the uber-modern Hilton last year it was looking like a bad idea even whilst I was booking. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. This being the view from the end of the top floor, the views are not bad at all, though it's probably not high enough this side of town for really impressive views. I do think that the reflecting in the windows make this picture as well as the window frames. Looking at the building it does make me wonder what the building was like to work in as a former BT building and how much of the original still exists

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View Across
View Across (Nisis DV5)

More archive pictures since the weather is bad and I'm not hoping for any good pictures. Here's a pictures over Manchester from the Hilton Hotel from the 30ish floor (i think it's the 30ish I might be wrong) if I am wrong then I am definate that it's from the Exec Lounge looking over GMEX with the Midland just overshadowed by the GMES on the left and the Bridgewater Hall on the right. In the middle you have the picture of Glass and Steel that I took in March the year before.

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Manchester from the 23rd
Manchester from the 23rd (Nisis DV5)

A picture from the Executive Lounge on the 23rd floor of the Hilton hotel in Manchester. A bit of a misty day in some respects. Off in the distance you can see the Town Hall, the Midland Hotel and the Raddison. In the foreground there's GMEX and in the middle you can actually see into the top of the Library, though it's not very clear on this photo. The picture doesn't do the view justice, but it's weirdly not that frightening being so high up. Since everything looks so far away it's almost impossible to comprehend which is good. There were a few moments I felt uncomfortable but on the whole it was quite interesting. It's a pity we didn't go back up to the Longe when it was dark, it would have been interesting but there was a Jacuzzi to try, a TV in the bathroom to play with and a mini bar to raid and I didn't want to spread myself too thin..

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Hole in the Floor
Hole in the Floor (Nisis DV5)

Not a great picture I must admit, but then again Zamyatin is not all about great pictures as you can tell, this time it's about a bad picture of a hole in the floor. This hole is actually 23 floors up in the Hilton hotel in Manchester looking down at the street below where the Spanish language Institute is. Like I say, not a great picture so there's nothing much to say really apart from this was taken from the Executive Lounge. I don't know if there are any other holes anywhere in the 23rd floor for people have a look at how high they are up I just noticed this one.

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A View from the Arcade
A View from the Arcade (Nisis DV5)

The Hotel in Camelot being an old style hotel and by that I mean it has lots of nooks and crannies to have look in, it has entertainments, several bars, suites, restaurants and more twists and turns from your reception to your room that you would take on an average commute (these are not bad things please note I like these sorts of things, also make it more interesting when you're three sheets and trying to get back to your room). Incidentally after hiring a Sherpa to help us to the room we found that we were only ten yards (line of sight) from where we started, if only we could go through brick the trip would have been much shorter, just probably less fun. Even then there was a shorter route than that which we were given.

Anyway this is a view from the games arcade with air(flow) football or whatever you call it which was played muchly along with the other arcade games and then as you can see in the picture, this happened, so we had to stay put and play a few games. As usual on quite hot and sunny days it was a quick hammering and it stopped dried and external activities were resumed.

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Midland (Nisis DV5)

This is the front of the Midland Hotel, which I think I used to assume was the back. Badly framed and everything. The DV5 tried it's best to succeed over my failings. I shall get a better snap some time, when it's not so cold and I have some time.

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Fireproof Garden
Fireproof Garden (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Whilst staying at a hotel, I did discover this curious sign. I really think that the last place I shall be heading for if the building is on fire is the rooftop garden, unless I am pretty sure that the building is constructed out of some fantastic stuff and even then I would prefer to chance other exit first.

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