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Nisis DV5's Pictures


Gaskell House
Gaskell House (Nisis DV5)

And the plaque that we saw was on this building. Like I mentioned it didn't looks like it fitted in with the rest of the buildings, and a strange accessory to Plymouth Grove. Travelling from here down the A6 caused me to think that one day when I have time I shall have to take my camera bag and many rolls of film and take the journey from Manchester to Stockport on the A6.

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Gaskell Plaque
Gaskell Plaque (Nisis DV5)

Whilst tripping 'round Manchester we stumbled on a building with this blue plaque outside. The house seemed strange in that it didn't appear to fit in with it's surroundings.

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The Drive
The Drive (Nisis DV5)

I don't know why but I love this drive thing at Dunham Massey, perhaps it's because it reminds me of a Stephen Poliakoff screenplay, which I think was Perfect Strangers, however I could be wrong. Either way the picture doesn't really live up to what was there because the sun was in front of me and there is no way to control the exposure with the DV5. However where the detail on the ground is missing due to under exposed the clouds do look slightly menacing which I like, so I kept it. I did take another one in landscape and because this took in less bright sky the ground was less under exposed and looked better. The problem with that shot is that it looked so bland.

0 comments have been left20:19 25 Mar 2006Tags: clouds dunham symmetry
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Deer Park Alpha
Deer Park Alpha (Nisis DV5)

I missed the shot that I really wanted which came along a little later. This solo Deer ventured towards the path little by little. He was moving a little slow and I didn't have much time for the shot, so I got the best that I could in the circumstances. The contrast is quite bad though. He eventually crossed the path that we were on leaving the protection of Deer Park keep out signs.

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On Reflection Again
On Reflection Again (Nisis DV5)

Simple shot of nothing much with the reflection adding something to the picture... well that was the hope anyway. Dunham Massey again just coming to the end of the walk.

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The Tree
The Tree (Nisis DV5)

This is the tree that had the plaque under it. I didn't know whether it would come out that well what with the LCD screen causing problems with the low sun. I think the sky came out quite well and for a hit and miss shot I think it works well.

0 comments have been left20:03 25 Mar 2006Tags: tree clouds plaque
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Under the Tree
Under the Tree (Nisis DV5)

Back to the same problem as I've mentiong about these small LCD screens in the light. They're small so things that are out of focus aren't really clear and when the sun is hitting the screen you can't see a thing. This is what was under one of the trees at Dunham Massey.

0 comments have been left19:59 25 Mar 2006Tags: plaque dunham tree
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Deer Shelter
Deer Shelter (Nisis DV5)

Off to Dunham Massey today for a nice walk. Looked a grim day but once there it was nice enough to stroll in the sun. I thought that this pic looked nice with the felled tree pointing to where the Deer hide out.

0 comments have been left19:53 25 Mar 2006Tags: deer dunham
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Town Hall Interior
Town Hall Interior (Nisis DV5)

One snap of the Town Hall interior that sort of give you an impression of what Manchester Town Hall is like. What appears to be someone walking into the shot is a bust. It was intentionally framed like that but the strength of the flash does make it look a little silly.

0 comments have been left19:44 12 Mar 2006Tags: hall manchester bust
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Midland (Nisis DV5)

This is the front of the Midland Hotel, which I think I used to assume was the back. Badly framed and everything. The DV5 tried it's best to succeed over my failings. I shall get a better snap some time, when it's not so cold and I have some time.

0 comments have been left19:42 12 Mar 2006Tags: midland hotel manchester
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