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TYTN II's Pictures


Outlton Park Clio Cup
Outlton Park Clio Cup (TYTN II)

It's difficult with a digital camera to take good pictures of motor racing. This weekend was Touring Cars at Oulton Park. Of course I had my usual array of film cameras there but they will take a time to develop, but for instant gratification we have some digital pics. Back to what I was saying because there is often a delay between hitting “Yes I want a pic now” and the camera saying “I'm going to take a picture now” is so long you can give up on planning a picture, all you can get is the car you want in the picture is you're lucky. I even tried the camera on “Sports Mode” which just caused me to sift through more rubbish pictures however I must admit that we never go into a good position for a digital camera to make good. Personally I think the end of Lodge Corner would have been a good spot but we were in the inside of the track and stuck to get out for that.

I did try some panning with a zoom lens with and a long shutter speed but with my precision I suspect I'll get a blur of car and background instead of a sharp car and a blurred background.

With a Wife and a Daughter in tow I knew it wouldn't be a long day and doing the usual of finding the right place to take a picture and watch the race would not be an option, so the option was for shade as the day was blisteringly hot. Unfortunately all the shady bits of Oulton Park are bad viewing places so we missed more or less all of the action though we did see that Plato disappeared in the second race and Matt Neil decided to have a go at Adam Jones at Lodge after after Adam put a good move on him the lap before.

Of course I'll watch it all on TV later.

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Pit Lane Park
Pit Lane Park (TYTN II)

BMW Sauber are doing the rounds, first I think I heard this car was in a Rochdale BMW garage showing it off after their success in Canada. Well I think it's the same, I could be completely wrong. This time they were advertising Pit Lane Park at the Trafford Centre in two weekends time. Looks like a good weekend if you like that sort of thing which I do, it's just such a shame that I shall not be there. By the looks of it it's a yearly thing so perhaps this time next year.

0 comments have been left21:35 21 Jun 2008Tags: motorsport f1 sauber trafford centre
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Better Living Through Chemistry
Better Living Through Chemistry (TYTN II)

A bit of a random one here. I never knew these plaques existed from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Whilst I think I like the idea of other organisations other than Manchester Council thinking for you what is important I do like the quality of the Council's plaques in as much as they tell you why the plaque is there. There's also the worry that if anyone can get in on the act then it will be a little like high class graffiti.

What's great about this plaque on Byrom St is that it is so like a scientist to just list the the details rather than explain exactly what they mean, for instance what is the relevance of this plaque? Did they live here? Were they practising here (I know there used to be a hospital very close)? It does make you think that they lived in one big happy Chemistry house. At least the Manchester Council ones give some impression as to why they are there though they have started getting a little nerdy in as much as the Peterloo plaque used to be blue (as they all used to be) and has now been replaced with a red one which is new colour for an historical place whereas blue is now for an historical person.

I would have taken a picture of the Peterloo one but I shall save that for a special occasion... like Christmas... Oooh that's an idea.

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Get Your Priorities Right
Get Your Priorities Right (TYTN II)

We got this flyer through our door. Please don't get me wrong I have no problem with the flyer in itself so please go if you can if you want to support the Friends of Granada Park, please do. Last time I saw the park it was a bit of nothingness so if it can be improved all power to them.

I started looking at the attractions on this Family Fun Day starting (as usual) at the top. So top at the bill we have a DJ, OK that sounds good then we have second on the bill... a Police Unit. Hmmm what are they trying to say here. OK I know they often have Police stalls in these things but putting it second billing what is that saying. Is it being advertised to say that when everything kicks off at least the Police will be there to control the situation. To be quite honest I'm not going to Granada Park on the 8th purely for the Police Unit I can tell you, especially with all my unspent convictions and me jumping bail. Ah OK I see it now they're trying to keep people like me out. Sorry about that I understand it now.

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21:19 21 May 2008Tags: granada park funday police
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Little Moreton Hall
Little Moreton Hall (TYTN II)

Yesterday we went to Little Moreton Hall. Personally I don't know why I bother 'cos I have always include the usual Wikipedia article which is better than my one. However I would say that it's the strangest place to go. If you like 90 degree angles then put the hall down and step away from the hall. If however if you like the idea of walking down hill from one side of a room to another then you're in luck; as you can see by the picture. It's a moated hall with what look like huge goldfish in the moat. Not being an expert on fish (or anything really) they could have been Carp. Not exactly a day out but a great place to go to feel a little queasy when you go up to the top floor and you're not feeling too hot.

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Mow Cop Castle
Mow Cop Castle (TYTN II)

On a day out to Little Morton Hall we saw this folly on the hill. Assuming that it was in fact a ruin we asked at Little Morton Hall to find that the building is actually complete and built for the people of Mow Cop in 1754. Of course I could prattle on or I could as usual direct you to a brief Wikipedia article on Mow Cop Castle.

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McCurve (TYTN II)

From the room this weekend you could see this which is unfortunately tainted by the reflection in the window. Unlike the last picture of the Macdonald Hotel, this doesn't help with reflections.

There's nothing much to say about this apart from the blue sky doesn't hint the fact that it was bitterly cold outside which would have meant that we'd have stayed in the hotel but for the fact that they seemed to be hosting some sort of Manchester United thing -probably for the match on Sunday. Not that it was a problem that it was Manchester United but more that the bar and restaurant would be packed. Not a good place to have an Anniversary.

0 comments have been left17:48 13 Apr 2008Tags: hotel curve macdonald
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Room at the Top
Room at the Top (TYTN II)

At the risk of finding myself at an uber-modern hotel I booked to stay at the Macdonald hotel anyway for our Anniversary. After the disappointment of the uber-modern Hilton last year it was looking like a bad idea even whilst I was booking. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. This being the view from the end of the top floor, the views are not bad at all, though it's probably not high enough this side of town for really impressive views. I do think that the reflecting in the windows make this picture as well as the window frames. Looking at the building it does make me wonder what the building was like to work in as a former BT building and how much of the original still exists

0 comments have been left16:23 12 Apr 2008Tags: hotel macdonald reflections cityscape windows
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