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Le Shark Dans Le Deep
Le Shark Dans Le Deep (Nikon D5000)

So off to today’s wondrous escapade. Today we are at The Deep which is an aquarium sold to me by some under water glass lift. I am sure I saw a picture of it but in the end I suspect I didn't, it looked magnificent in my mind's eye, in reality is was a little less impressive. I am pretty sure the Blue Planet Aquarium at home is better but perhaps that's just my memory playing tricks on me once again. Don't get me wrong the place is pretty good and you do see lots of interesting things but I had my mind set on this huge lift that was glass all around. How I thought that this would work and how this would be safe for the people in the lift or the fish I have no idea, so to find out that it was a regular glass lift put me off a little.

Anyway after exhausting The Deep we went outside to take some pictures and then it was off for lunch in the pretty Beverley and it's Minster much of it we circled many many times until we finally found a car park that was cheap enough and had spaces. Nothing much to report really, lunch was OK, the Minster was a Minster and I was cold, so quite soon it was back to the hotel to get warm.

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Humber Bridge
Humber Bridge (Nikon D5000)

Well since it's a half term what better an idea than to go to Hull. Hull the place of... well the bridge and... ships and stuff. Having arrived quite late only to find that the room wasn't ready, by the time we got into the room (even later than that because of a faulty key card) it was even later. The trip was eventful in that a caravan drive was pounced upon my the police the style of one of those cop shows such as “Police, Lights, Camera and a Policeman's size 9's in your face”. We witnessed a T-Pack and a rolling roadblock... we were in the rolling roadblock and not the T-Pack I am glad to say.

Anyhow with little time we ended up at the Humber bridge and where else would we go on day one. As you can see the weather is marvellous, t-shirt and shorts as you can imagine. We did try and make it into Hull and got a little lost after the GPS diverted us down a bus lane but hey it keeps it all exciting.

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Tabley House Chapel
Tabley House Chapel (Nikon D5000)

On a trip to finally see Tabley House after turning up the last time two hours early we left after a nice feed at the Tea Room but unwilling to wait two hours until the house opened. This time we planned it to perfection... well I think that might be going over the top... we planned it and got into the house without having to wait hours.

The house is OK but nothing special. I think you need to have a great interest some or all of the paintings they have in their possession as this seems to be the whole reason to go. I knew nothing about the art work so whilst it was interesting it was nothing special. Probably good if you like lists of stuff, paintings or you're an art spotter.

As you can see this is the Chapel which you can see if you visit the interesting Tea Room which in itself is interesting and worth a visit. In the Tea Room itself (which would connect the House to the Chapel if it weren't for the fact that you can't walk through West Wing as this is a Nursing Home as is the East Wing and the top floor of the house) is an impressive fireplace that was in the Old Hall which is in ruins because of Salt mining in the area.

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Windy Harbour Minus Harbor
Windy Harbour Minus Harbor (FujiFilm FinePix 1600)

On a trip to Werneth Low we visited a site where a restaurant used to be. It closed and then was abandoned and now it has been demolished. I never saw the restaurant and have no idea what it was called but some things still stand. What you can't see in the picture is a plaque from the AA that points to places in the distant that you might be able to see from here and some you can't with a memorial for two people called Shelmerdine, husband and wife I assume -the last of which I believe was a victim of Shipman. It's strange that when the demolish some things they just leave other things behind. Here of course we have the steps from the car park up to the restaurant. You can even see the markings for the car park with the reserved spaces just not in this picture. I have never been to the restaurant but can only imagine how it looked when it was night when you glanced out of the window as you were eating you steak in chips in the 80s. I can only imagine it would be like the view we saw when we stayed at a hotel that looked over Llandudno in a hotel that has also been demolished. It seemed so nice to see the lights of the town below was we were sat so high up as we saw the wind lash the surrounds as we sat in luxury.

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23:14 30 Jun 2010Tags: clouds abandoned hyde masts demolished
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Diving Belle
Diving Belle (FujiFilm FinePix 1600)

I'm so stupid that I didn't put two and two together here. This is a sculpture called Diving Belle and at the time it didn't occur to me at all what the play on words was. It was only when I got home and started typing it into Google that I realised that there was a play on words and please believe me it was the fact that I was typing Diving Belle and not the results that helped me out.

This is one of two sculptures in Scarborough that if you do enter into Google then you'll have to add Scarborough as well to get any sense as it looks to be a local thig that Google just doesn't care about, in fact it really still wants it to make sense as it suggests you really mean Diving Bell.

Anyway, with a weekend away in the first UK seaside resort (apparently) we saw this. Aimed at boosting civic pride this was the first of two. How plonking this on the end of the quay just next to the lighthouse just does that I have no idea. I did have to find out where number two was deposited but it took me until I came home to find out as it was erected a year or two later and was a Bather Belle outside the ill-fated Woolworths. Anyway I like the sculpture but I'm not sure I liked the picture of the Bathing Belle but I suspect that's personal taste.

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Llandudno Monkey Business
Llandudno Monkey Business (JVC Everio GZ-MS100)

Fully fed up with work it was off to Llandudno but initially the Welsh Mountain Zoo. I only remembered after being there for a few hours of our last time here where I think I got a little grumpy about the Pokomon-like visiting that we did. It was nothing about enjoying the trip it was all about seeing every last thing like some mad collector.

It wasn't that bad this time but at one time it did look like it could have happend that way. Note to self, if my wife wants to go to the Welsh Mountain Zoo, decline the offer politely, not that it's a bad place to be honest.

Here we have a couple of moneys in the enclosure for your Delightment. They were playing about to their hearts content that day climbing all over the place as monkeys do.

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The Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam (HTC Touch Pro 2)

The short drive to the Hoover Dam or the Boulder Dam as it was initially called isn't that interesting and to be honest the story of the Hoover Dam is more interesting than the place itself. Mind you a paddle on the shores or Lake Mead might have soothed our aching feet from yesterday but we passed on that. It's a huge structure and impressive but the tour that we went on wasn't up to much despite going from the top to the bottom via lift it almost felt rushed. 650ft+ of concrete at the base and complede in 4 years it powers millions of houses and gives drinking water to about 4 states. It appears impressive in figure form at the very least. Mind you the water line is dropping and if this continues it does make you wonder what they will do if Lake Mead runs dry.

So back we go heading for Ethel M's Chocolate factory. Built by Mr. Mars to provide handmade chocolates, it makes you wonder how exactly it fit into the whole history of Mars as nothing really explains. Short and sweet (no pun intended) it appears to serve more as a shop than anything else. So it was off to drive back down the Strip which as this time of day is a little like a slow moving car park, but we did see Stratosphere which we will have to go to so that we can see a bird's eye view of Las Vegas though I suspect no-one will be up for the fair ride at the top.

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Castle Howard
Castle Howard (JVC Everio GZ-MS100)

Oh I just couldn't think of a funny pun for this. I must be loosing my touch.

So for Valentines day we went off to Castle Howard. Lodging in Kirkbymoorside which appears to have more pubs than houses it was almost like being in Ireland, or at least the Ireland that I have been used to just with no Irish people but no pubs for me, we hit the local Tandoori house, needless to say with Castle Howard on the agenda I hung back on the chilli lime pickle.

The weather was at least kind to us for the first half of the day. The day before wasn't so good and in the afternoon it was variable but now it was good and this is the house with a fountain of Atlas in the foreground.a

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I'm Loving Angels Instead
I'm Loving Angels Instead (Pentax Optio 50)

Yes I'm back out and yes I am alive and kicking after an absence of taking pictures. Sorry about that. Back to the usual form of poor pictures and stuff. This time it contains the usual trip to Piccadilly gardens. With the ice rink moved to Spinningfields (that happened last year) Piccadilly is trying to entice you with three attractions and this isn't really one of them, sorry. They have a large Snow Globe that you can stand in and have your picture taken, there's a bungy trampoline thing (on the right in the picture) and a snow slide. I just liked this one. The rest were either just nondescript or boring. I'm not saying that this pic is going to win any awards just that it looks better, probably because it's darkish as you might have guessed the darker pics are my faves and with the grey cloud kicking in on what could only be described as a nice sunny wintery day it was a bit of a find.

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Clockwatching (Nisis DV5)

Oh it's been so busy as you may have guessed and nothing interesting to say, but I thought that I would interest you I an archive pic from 2006 and slightly off centre. In the intervening time I have been contacted by a marketing agency for a camera company (I don't feel special believe me I suspect they mailshot many people) about a fantastic event in my area. Turns out it was all about a larger than life postbox that took the artists 4 weeks to create. I thought that this was great, it's in the Printworks, that's close to the Postbox that survived the IRA bomb in Manchester, that might be a good picture.

So I turned up and I looked around the area and nothing, so I went back to the promo pic and yes I had been in the right area. So back again to look at the angles and I may have been wrong initially but I wouldn't have missed it so back to the emails, I emailed my contact. Luckily for her since marketing skills are so transferable, she transferred. At the end of the day no-one knew where the heck this thing was until I found it on Peter St quite a way from the Printworks. I took a pic but it was blurry what with it being grim at the moment (yes I would prefer an off centre pic than an out of focus one). Of course the new marketing bod gained intel on the postbox only after I emailed her.

For those who are less cynical then google “8x life”, it's Panasonic's attempt at selling their compact with a zoom lens. They have an obligatory Facebook Page I am sure there's an RSS feed too... sorry no! RSS is old hat so they'll have a rubbish Twitter feed instead.

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