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Clouds's Pictures


Vapour Trail
Vapour Trail (Pentax Optio 50)

This is sort of looking a little like a set with the previous one, except for the fact that this picture was taken at sunset when it was not overcast and the contrast has not been messed with, in fact the only thing that has been done is the the picture has been compressed and scaled for the page as usual because browsers seem very bad a scaling pictures. It is very near where the previous picture was taken however which is the only similarity with the previous. Of course being boring I did have to have a quick look to see what I didn't know about vapour trails and found that there there is a phenomenon called distrails caused by aircraft cutting through cloud and in fact the opposite of vapour trails. Every day is a school day.

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Paint the Whole World with a Rainbow
Paint the Whole World with a Rainbow (Pentax Optio 50)

On a short trip to the park this time not as foggy as the last time and this time I had a full compliment of family with me not just me out testing my camera. In fact we were out trying to look for flowers for my daughter's homework. My wife pointed out the rainbow which initially I didn't believe because it hadn't rained (not that it needs to), then on further inspection there it was.

This picture is a little messed with. The contrast has just been upped which has darkened the trees to a silhouette and brought out the colours in the overcast sky.

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Pier Eye for the Straight Guy
Pier Eye for the Straight Guy (Pentax Optio 50)

What with the two pier fires in England this year with Brighton Pier and Fleetwood Pier going up in flames, lets hope that this isn't the last picture of Llandudno's Pier you see, however I think not (I know nothing of Brighton's Pier) but Fleetwood's Pier have been abandoned for years and had confirmed a controversial plan to put apartments on it which was disliked by some. At least Llandudno's Pier is well loved, used and still open. The Pier looks to be booming to such an extent that they have raised the rates so businesses such as a local photographer are moving out. Should the worst happen to the Pier before that I would at least like to live to have a pint at the bar at the end of the Pier. Up until now I have yet to be able to have a pint there for one reason or another. I have a picture of Fleetwood Pier but this will have to be scanned in and is more of a depressive closed down Pier shot.

This is of course the Pier with the Grand Hotel in the foreground. You're lucky there were any pictures at all after this weekend's jaunt to the Welsh Riviera. We went to The Greenwood Forest Park where there is an exhibition with a sandstorm machine. I put the camera on top of the machine to try it out... oh yes a sandstorm and it's a little fun and then looked for my camera. Hold on the camera isn't on the top of the machine. With a little thought I started wondering if I imagined putting the camera on top so I patted myself down to check my pockets... no camera. A further look on top of the machine led to the discovery that there was no top of the machine, I had actually dropped my camera into the sandstorm machine. A bit of climbing and looking found the camera wedged next to the blower. Phew.

Other discoveries this weekend (other than the sandstorm machine has no top) were that the GPS on my phone contains a map of England, yes only England if you type in a postcode in Wales you're off the map... I should have brought my real GPS. Also we found out this weekend that Proton Satria's are not slim cars but they can park on a very steep slope at the ski slope even if it does take you several circles of the back roads to find the right one (because the GPS doesn't have it on the map). All in all good weather prevailed and short sleeves were in order for some of it along with sandy little feet.

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Beautiful Birds
Beautiful Birds (QTEK 9100)

I have always wanted to get live action shots but with my very poor camermanship I can never do it with a one shot 35mm, so I have to rely on the Sports facility of the QTEK 9100. It takes one shot a second as long as you hold the shutter... well button. Quite hard to do as the viewfinder you have is the screen that freezes to take the picture so waving the camera phone in the air is the order of the day. This is an archive picture from 2006 when we were at Tatton Park. Why this picture now? Well I had a self levelling floor to lay and a kitchen to put back together. There was hope that I'd go down to Ossington Court which sounds better than is it. It's an empty block og flats and has been empty for years. I heard that Ian Simpson was going to renovate it but by the sounds of it the demands of the council made it unprofitable so the last I heard it was going to be demolished with a date of the 17th of March 2008. That date being in the past I suspect it's only a matter of time until it goes so I'd better hurry up. I don't know why I would like to take a pic of it but I drive past it on the M60 so many times it does make you wonder what's round it; and the fact that every window is broken perhaps panders to my love of the run down just like the Duke of Lancaster I suspect.

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Clouds (QTEK 9100)

Just like when Channel 4 couldn't find anything interesting to put on their channel they put on "Art of Landscape" I have a similar solution with archive photos of Llandudno... well let's face it, it could be anywhere.

After Ireland nothing really has happened so I must apologise, not that anyone reads this. This weekend promises less than the last one for you because I think I may be busy.

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Crosby Beach Again
Crosby Beach Again (Nisis DV5)

This time we made and actual attempt to go to Crosby beach this time and during the day this time too. In a break from the bad weather this was a wind-lashed Crosby beach and a very bright beach too, so much so that I'd turned the brightness of the camera down to the minimum and all but one of the pictures were over exposed. We walked the full three kilometres of the beach and at one point nearly getting stuck in some sandy mud that initially scarily enough seemed like quicksand. Got out alive and counted down the tagged statues. The only problem of walking all that way was that the car was now three kilometres away.

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Imperial War Museum
Imperial War Museum (QTEK 9100)

This is just a quick picture of the Imperial War Museum North. You may have seen many picturs of the building. This view is quite deceptive in that it sort of looks like the building could be a big square block of a building all made of glass, but this bit (the observation tower) is a squint shiny metal structure. The museum inside is as odd as the outside, not a traditional museum at all. Did I enjoy it... well I think I would have enjoyed it more if I'd have been in the mood for a museum, I was more in the mood for doing something interesting and after being spoilt by the good weather the last couple of days my mind was more set on being outside, however the rain and cold suggested outdoor activities should be curtailed.

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Llandudno Promenade
Llandudno Promenade (Nisis DV5)

Ah it's archive pictures again back from July 2006, so as you can guess it's been a busy week and the weekends have not been my own to go out and take something interesting which is pretty poor, even this weekend has been taken over by others and so with the expectation that tomorrow should be no difference, I decided to run an archive so that at least there's something different here at least every two weeks.

So here's a picture of Llandudno's Promenade. It was a pretty warm day as you can see by the picture, I seem to remember this was also the day my brother and his wife attempted to fold their pop-up tent back into the back it popped-up from. The whole process appears to be simple but thirteen minutes later wire cutters were looking preferable.

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20:01 3 Mar 2007Tags: llandudno promenade beach clouds
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Hampton Court Clouds
Hampton Court Clouds (Minolta X500)

Again with the unzoomed zoom, here we have a different perspective on the hall. The clouds have come out quite well affecting the brightness of the hall of course (for all you photo nuts out there). I do like the way that the statue looks like it's reaching out to those clouds that appear almost touchable or fake as if I've added a backdrop. Again not the best light, but then again I've always found it difficult to take pictures in high contrast lighting at this time of year.

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Court from Afar
Court from Afar (QTEK 9100)

Here's a picture of Hampton Court from the end of the garden with the... gardens in the foreground and the house (Over to the left is a huge grape vine), but I like the perspective with this picture and the fact the clouds have come out all right. Took a bit of twiddling with the contrast and brightness on the QTEK but I got there.

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